Design Inspiration – Week#11

Hey guys, here’s the eleventh article in our Design Inspiration weekly series. This time we’ve picked 15 best shots which include icons and illustrations from around the web. Apart from our list if you find anything inspiring design around, please link them in the comment section below.

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Caminante illustration by Nahuel Bardi for Hyper Lab
Caminante by Nahuel Bardi for Hyper Lab

Packing design

Packing design illustration by Lily for Fireart Studio
Packing design by Lily for Fireart Studio 

Nail polish

Nail polish animation by Miguel E
Nail polish by Miguel E.

Mobile e-commerce

Mobile ecommerce illustration by tubik in Graphic Design
Mobile ecommerce illustration by tubik in Graphic Design

Happytime with puppy

Happy time with puppy illustration by Siddhita upare for Brucira
Happy time with puppy by Siddhita upare for Brucira

Check box switcher

Check box switcher animation by Oleg Frolov in Interaction design
Check box switcher by Oleg Frolov in Interaction design 

Modern doctor at workplace

Modern doctor at workplace illustration by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8
Modern doctor at workplace by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8


Boxed in illustration by Burnt Toast
Boxed in by Burnt Toast 

Happy walking girl

Happy walking girl animation by mohamed jozef
Happy walking girl by mohamed jozef

Message sent

Message sent illustration by Nata Schepy
Message sent by Nata Schepy 

Basic animated Icons

Basic animated Icon by Xiao Fang
Icon by Xiao Fang

Product design

Product design illustration by DarkCube Studio
Product design by DarkCube Studio

Online education

Online education illustration by Daniel Michniak in Freepik vol.3
Online education by Daniel Michniak in Freepik vol.3

Wood helicopter

Wood helicopter animation by Nguyen Nhut for Orizon in Toys
Wood helicopter by Nguyen Nhut for Orizon in Toys 

Work overtime

Work overtime animation by Uran for Fireart Studio in Illustration
Work overtime by Uran for Fireart Studio in Illustration


We hope you find a really good inspiration from these beautiful shots. Have you come across any good icon or illustration design that we forgot to mention? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to visit Iconscout for getting thousands of free icons, illustrations and stock photos.

Happy Designing!