Interview: Teguh Sultan, Freelance 3D Designer

Meet Teguh Sultan from Indonesia! Here’s what he shared about his 3D design work, as well as where he gets his inspiration.

Interview: Teguh Sultan, Freelance 3D Designer

1. Tell us about your role and what you do.

I’m a freelance 3D designer from Jambi, Indonesia. I graduated with a major in architecture in 2020, but was interested by the 3D icons and illustrations I saw on the internet. Since college, I have explored 3D design, especially the rendering of buildings and interiors.

Currently, I design various 3D assets and icons. I love 3D design because it allows me to express my imagination and inspiration in detail.

2. What is your primary source of inspiration, and what is your creative process in creating these awesome, fun designs?

I learned a lot from amazing designs on platforms like Pinterest, Dribbble and Behance. I also get a lot of inspiration from various other digital artworks.

I would describe my style as clean, simple and unique, without forgetting important details.

3. During the process, what type of software and design tools do you use?

I use Blender to make 3D designs. I really like the user interface (UI) and shortcuts in Blender because they are easy to use.

Work-in-progress screenshots of the Travel And Holidays 3D Illustration Pack

4. What advice would you like to give to designers from the IconScout community?

My advice to all designers is to keep working and keep being creative. Be unique and original.

5. How can people find you and get connected?

You can find me on Instagram, Dribbble and Behance.

6. If you were to pick your favorite asset on IconScout, what would it be?

There are so many awesome assets on IconScout. My favorite asset that I created is the Travel And Holidays 3D Illustration Pack.

Travel And Holidays 3D Illustration Pack by Teguh Sultan
Travel And Holidays 3D Illustration Pack by Teguh Sultan

7. What are the three main things you love about IconScout?

  • I love how the IconScout team helps me how to be a good contributor. They are always there for you.
  • I really like how IconScout has grown. Through various plugins, customers get more exposure to the work of contributors.
  • Last, but not least, IconScout gave me the opportunity to grow further through the Exclusive Program. I'm so happy to be a part of this.

8. What are your thoughts on the members and culture of the IconScout team?

They are very professional and have a positive work culture.

9. How do you see your future with IconScout?

In the future, I want to focus on uploading more assets to IconScout. I want to contribute more of my best design assets.

10. What are the benefits you have received from uploading your work on IconScout?

Since I joined IconScout, I have benefited a lot. IconScout gives me side income from downloaded assets. Besides that, IconScout also helps me to get other 3D projects as my work gains visibility.

Work-in-progress screenshots of the 3D Cooking Icons 3D Illustration Pack

11. How did IconScout help accelerate the growth of your work?

There are so many features of IconScout that can help my job growth, such as keyword insight tools, learning resources for contributors and various add-ons that have been developed by IconScout.

12. What would you like to see more in the future of animation?

I personally really like 3D surrealism. In the future, I'm interested in seeing more 3D surrealist animations.

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