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Curated SVGs, Vector Icons, Illustrations, 3D Graphics, and Lottie Animations.
Curated SVGs, Vector Icons, Illustrations, 3D Graphics, and Lottie Animations.
Over 7000+ new assets added every day. Integrated plugins, tools, editors, and more.

Add magic to your design in 30 seconds

IconScout comes with integrated Plugins, conversion Tools, and simple, powerful Editors that enhance and streamline your workflow.

The most relevant Assets

Choose the most relevant assets from all the various styles available to compliment your design.

Select and Customize

Use our SVG and Lottie Editors to quickly tweak colors, background, apply presets, and make quick edits on the go.

Implement across Platforms

Implement SVGs and Lottie Animations in just a few clicks. They work like magic across Web, iOS, Android, TV, and WatchOS.
World of Integrations

Work faster and Save time with Apps and Plugins

IconScout has integrations with Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, GSuite, and MS Office. Our plugins let you find assets without you leaving the tools you’re using.
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Editing made easy

Color Editor

Change color, stroke, and add shape to SVG Icons and Illustrations.
Open Color Editor

SVG to Lottie

Convert SVG icons & illustrations to Lottie and maintain a single file for all platforms.
Open SVG to lottie

Lottie Editor

Edit Layer Colors, Text Layers, and much more using an easy to use Lottie Editor.
Open Lottie Editor

Assets from thousands of Artists around the world

Paul Jansen

Icon Designer from 🇺🇸


Max Icons

Icon Designer from 🇹🇭


King Petchart

Icon Designer from 🇹🇭


Imam Buke

Icon Designer from 🇮🇩


Nut Chanut

Icon Designer from 🇹🇭


Safwan Murtadha

3D Designer from 🇮🇩


Vu Hoang Viet

3D Designer from 🇷🇴


Vectors Market

Icon Designer from 🇵🇰


Thai Hoang

Illustration Designer from 🇻🇳


Boyko Pictures

Illustration Designer from 🇷🇺


Oxana Grivina

Illustration Designer from 🇵🇹


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