Ade Ryan N., Founder of Monsters Visual - Designer Interview

Meet Ade Ryan N. from Indonesia! Here’s what he shared about his team's work, design style, and sources of inspiration.

Ade Ryan N., Founder of Monsters Visual - Designer Interview

Tell us about your role and what you do.

Hello, my name is Ade Ryan Nurochman, and I am the founder of Monsters Visual, a vibrant creative hub based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Within our team, I serve as the Creative Director, guiding our talented 3D designers towards new heights.

My journey started in the field of informatics management, which I studied in Bali and graduated from in 2013. My initial aspiration was to build a career as a programmer, but over time, that hope was dashed for various reasons and circumstances. Instead, I pursued graphic design, a long-held passion of mine. At first, I was self-taught. Eventually, I took courses and even moved to a different town to learn along with friends.

I founded Monsters Visual in 2021 as a remote team, and since then, we have focused on creating 3D icon assets. Monsters Visual began with just two members. Over time, we started to grow and gained new opportunities that allowed us to become even bigger.

What is your primary source of inspiration, and what is your creative process in creating these awesome, fun designs? How would you describe your style?

Our main source of inspiration came from real-world problems. We are driven by market needs, current trends, and the desires of our users.

To decide on a theme, we conduct thorough research to ensure it is user-friendly, easy to use, and functions well. Then, we carry out evaluations for further improvement.

During the process, what type of software and design tools do you use? Do you have a preferred one and why?

I started all our planning using Notion. This can range from research and development, brainstorming inspirational ideas, theme research, and team delegation, to tackling technical issues. To create 3D icons, we use Blender Software.

Metaverse 3D Icon by Monsters Visual
Metaverse 3D Icon by Monsters Visual

Would you like to give any advice to the designers from the IconScout community?

Look at your own potential; what are your hobbies? What skills do you have? Then look at what are the problems or unrest that the market is experiencing? Then try to answer them with the solution. Be consistent. Once you are sure of your solutions, become an IconScout contributor by joining the link here:

How can people find you and get connected? Do you have a Dribbble or Instagram page where people can reach out to you?

You can find us on Instagram: Monsters Visual

If you were to pick your most favorite asset on, what would it be?

3D Avatar Game Role Player by Monsters Visual
3D Avatar Game Role Player by Monsters Visual

I like the design with annual events, technology and avatars. Designs like the '3D Avatar Job Career Profession' and the '3D Avatar Game Role Player'.

What are the three main things you love about IconScout?

Firstly, I liked the user interface on IconScout, it is quite modern and easy to use. I also appreciate the website's speed when accessed, as well as the swift and fast upload process. Lastly, on several occasions, we have sent our designs via email and received prompt assistance from the IconScout team. Their support made it easy for us as contributors.

What are your thoughts on the members and culture of the IconScout team?

The IconScout team is very responsive whenever we have questions. We work well with the staff and owners of IconScout. One staff in particular is Mr Krishna and team. They are friendly and responsive in addressing any problems we faced, and always keeping us updated about the developments. We appreciate that.

How do you see your future with IconScout?

I have plans going forward with Monsters Visual and I believe that Monsters Visual and IconScout can work together to create opportunities that align with the goals we want to achieve.

What are the benefits you have received from uploading your work on IconScout?

IconScout has helped us to reach more buyers, connect with new clients, and contribute to making Monster Visual bigger and better.

How did IconScout as a marketplace help accelerate the growth of your work?

IconScout has greatly supported Monsters Visual in distributing our assets well worldwide. They provided us the opportunity to connect with new clients and create new innovative ideas that meet market’s needs. Add-on features like the glTF 3D Editor, and many others are super useful as well. If you haven't tried it yet, you can find more info here:

In the future, I hope that IconScout can reach more potential visitors. I also hope that contributors will be given access to more in-depth analysis of design assets performance, such as the number of downloads and earnings obtained from each item. I would also like to see a "data traffic" feature in keyword insights and a "data supply" display feature.

What would you like to see more in the future of animation?

I believe that the demand for animation will continue to be strong and stable. However, creating smooth motion in animations requires a lot of energy and is not always efficient for contributors. If IconScout could address these challenges, perhaps by developing plugins to simplify the process for users and creating trends to attract high traffic, I believe these concerns would be mitigated.

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