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An all-new IconScout: What’s new

Our most requested features are now live! Access highly customizable illustrations, icons, 3Ds, and Lottie animations along with integrations and plugins with your favorite design tools.

Source files for Over 7.5 Million+ Icons, Illustrations 3D, and Lottie Animations

Our community of creators now adds over 45,000+ new design assets every week, and our editorial teams select the ones that are likely to meet your industry and use-case needs

Custom branded Color Palette

Customize and personalize all design assets to match your brand aesthetic. View all our assets in your preferred color palette.

Lottie Editor

Each asset can be customized to your liking within a few minutes - without you having to understand the complexity of motion.

SVG to Lottie

Drag and drop static assets into the SVG to Lottie converter and watch it auto-animate.

IconScout desktop app

Search, customize and drag and drop assets to their final destination - a one-stop-shop for all IconScout features

Bring design assets to your favorite tools

Bring IconScout assets to your designs. Integrate seamlessly with design platforms such as Figma, Adobe XD, and Canva.

Get glTF 3D source files (3D, glTF)

Easily edit and customize 3D icons and illustrations with the gITF 3D Editor.

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Unicons icon Fonts for Designer and Developers

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Thousands of high-quality animated icons

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Build creative experience with IconScout API

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Thousands of free Notion Icons

What people love about IconScout

Bansari Vekariya
Bansari Vekariya
UX Designer,The minimalist

“With the creative design assets, it’s super easy to express my ideas to stakeholders. I usually prefer Iconscout’s website for asset hunt.”

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Jim Calhoun Image
Jim Calhoun
Founder & CEO, Nectar9

“Iconscout All Access is the best deal in a digital asset acquisition. A library that contains a huge selection of premium 3D and Lottie animations”

Nectar.9 Logo
Tulsi Bhikadia
Tulsi Bhikadia
Product designer/UX associate, plexusMD

“Iconscout is a savior when it comes to finding illustrations about very niche topics like doctors and medical and many more industries.”

Plexus md Logo
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Explore the world’s largest Design Ecosystem; Assets, Plugins, and Motion.