Icondrop updates - May 2019

Blog for Iconscout update for the month of may. Hope you like it!

It’s been a busy month at Iconscout building and refining one of the best products, Icondrop.

It’s been 2 years since we released our first Iconscout Sketch Plugin to provide you high-quality icons, illustrations, and stock photos right inside your design tools. After that, we’ve released plugins for Adobe, Office and Google Suite.

We have been speaking to our customers over the past few months about how we can enhance Icondrop various channels. And we’re excited to tell you that many of those features and improvements are live now!

So, what‘s new?

Drag & Drop support for Sketch ?

Yep! Here it is. Now just drag and drop your favorite icons to download straight from the results screen. No clicks anymore!

Drag and Drop support for Icondrop sketch plugin

This feature works on Free icons as well as for premium icons for our Pro Plan users.

? URL support — Deeplinking

Many time happens that you search on the iconscout web and wanted to open the same pack, item or page in your icondrop plugin, but because of no URL support, you need to do all step again in the plugin.

Making this experience better, we’re now supporting URLs in Icondrop. You just need to paste iconscout URL in the search box(icondrop) to get the item/page directly. No repeating steps again.

For Example: Paste https://iconscout.com/icon/avatar-367 URL in the search box and use it directly.

Deeplinking in Icondrop plugin

This feature works across 3 types of URLs:

This was one of the most demanding feature.

? Improved Back/Navigation Experience

You may have faced buggy back button issue when sometimes plugin failed to go back to previous pages at all. And you lost your search result state and other states suddenly. A major experience breaking bug we had for a long time.

All the screens you visited have been cached. We also solved the problem of the buggy back button where plugin sometimes failed to go back at all.

Now you can navigate smoothly across different screens without losing access to your past state. Search for an icon, view that icon or pack, press back, and go back to the proper search results where you were started. We’ve cached all the screens you’ve visited.

Improved navigation in Icondrop plugin

If you still discover the problem with the back button, inform us.

♾ Infinite Scroll

Now, no need to click again and again, “Load more.”

Search and scroll down the whole way. This was also one of our inner design teams’ most recommended features. ?

Infinite scroll in Icondrop plugin

Minor Updates

  • Fixed Search Filters: There was an irritating bug in which, on each search, you need to apply filters again or they didn’t apply at all. There was also sometimes no match between the filters and the outcomes. That’s corrected for everyone!
  • Loading speed: Improved initial and after loading speed across all the plugins.

Download Icondrop plugin

Download plugin for Sketch, Adobe, Office and Gsuite
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