Best Design Resources Of The Month - February 2021

Ho ho ho we are here yet again to make you happy with our monthly resources for the month of February hope you guys enjoy it!

Best Design Resources Of The Month - February 2021

It's the 1st March and this time we are a tad bit early with our monthly resources blog for the month of February. With Valentine being the highlight of last month we have crossed yet another month from our 2021 calendar. With that you guys must have also read our announcement of merger along with a heavy flow of updates and changes so here we are with more energy and power to work hard and curate better resources for you guys so let's begin!

We are set to launch our Lottie animation pretty soon which will allow us to make it up and running. So stay tuned in just few days we will have the animations up on our website pretty soon. We have decided to work better harder cause it's time to level up.


For this blog we have different theme like avatar, festivals like Ramadhan, weather, e-commerce etc. Every creation that we provide can be easily edit, resize and we have made it even easier for you. You can use our Icon Editor to edit these as per your need. These are available in over various file formats.

Avatar Icon Pack

As our last week's theme for design inspiration was avatar's here we are with an icon pack of the same. This pack has amazing cartoon form of Celebrities and Fictional characters which you would have never seen before. What is amazing to see is the precision and the accuracy with which each detail is drawn and added thus these tiny details or elements take the shape of the perfect replica of their original form.

Government Icon Pack

Government has been the most important ruling authority of the country and as it is said so let me take pride in presenting government themed icon pack. From honorary medals to scrolls it has it all. Here are amazing 100 icons in flat style that represent authenticity. These can be used in websites, mobile applications, hoardings, etc.

Weather Icon Pack

With March starting we are transitioning from cold to hot that is with winter season coming to an end leaving us and at the same time summer is on the onset to make it's appearance. We have here a very cute and minimal icon pack describing weather for you all. This has many icons that you can use as emojis, stickers, weather applications, and a lot more.

Ramadan Kareem Icon Pack

We wish you a very ‘Happy Ramadan’ may you are well during the fasting and prayers. May god evoke blessings upon us to give us strength to endeavor and show upon us with their blessings. With that being said here we have created amazing icon pack for this special occasion.

Target And Goal Icon Pack

As a child we must have thought of creating something big and on your own be a self made man and just achieve success. This is an a to z icon pack containing not one but 20 unique icons. Work you put in from setting goal to achieving the target with a minimum visual representation is displayed here in line style. Such detail and design is just impeccable.

E-Commerce Icon Pack

Who does not like shopping, I am sure everyone does with the world turning digitalized lots of e commerce or retail shops have opened up pretty soon too. here is a pack dedicated to all the wholesalers for taking it up a notch and making it digital. You can use these to enhance the value of your website.


February has been a crazy month for us we have some new styles for you like pop art, to mix and match style to even monochrome line style. All these by just using using our basic style format which the designers have used with such creativity. Can you believe that all this in these illustration packs each different from one another. These are editable as well as resizable. From large variety of uses to different file formats it has it all.

Stress Person Illustration Pack

We all wait for a peaceful day but at times some days turn out to be a stressful one so here we have a great designer who has portrayed the chaos and stress in the tradition pop art way using minimum color and design to portray the idea with a sense of modern art. All you need to do is declutter and just relax nothing else and you will attain peace.

Ordery Illustration Pack

You must be confused by what does Ordery mean, we were at first too so let me explain it to you; order plus delivery is orderry. It is so astonishing to see how the designer has not only played with the word but as well as the design of the illustrations as well. So here we have very pretty illustrations in line style with green color on it fusing with monochrome tones producing this unique line monochrome style.

Sports Illustration Pack

I take immense pride in presenting this extremely over the top illustration pack in flat style to honor the sports and the sportsman spirit of the people who put their mind as well as strength and dedicate themselves towards sports. So cheers to all the people working day and night aiming to making their dream possible.

Tokostore Illustration Pack

Tokostore stands for Tokyo theme store, and as the name suggests the illustrations have been also portrayed din similar manner as well. If you have a shop and have started a small business and making your way up the ladder this is the perfect pack for you. This is uniquely designed using line style with a touch of subtle monochrome. The background is highlighting the minimalistic and simple design.

Cryptocurrency Illustration Pack

Let's face it the world around us is being digitalized, so with the world changing we have to change too and the rise of cryptocurrency is one such major factor that is leaving a mark on financing for us. This illustration tells you all you need to know abp0it cryptocurrency with a fun visual presentation. This illustration pack is about not just regular but extraordinary as it is amazing to see the idea coming to life. .


In terms of 3D we have a hell lot of variety packs with clouds, characters, objects and business related 3d's too. Does not it sound exciting and amazing so here is to a great month ahead. These are available in a variety of styles, and that too in file formats like PNG, BLEND file formats. These have pretty high resolution and are easily reconfigurable. All you have to do is download it and you will get high quality creation.

Avatars 3D Pack

We take pride in taking part in creating such beautiful and unique creation and distributing these to our users. It is not just one but 16 of them all unique in themselves looking outstanding. This is a great illustration pack if you want a character for your pop up box, mascot or website. Here variety of different characters are shown. The illustrator has used such warm and soothing tones in making these.

User Interface 3D Pack

What exactly you want in your user interface, more styles, icons and a variety of objects or creatives like bell, folder, message, cart, and wallet we have it all. We have 3D objects for you which you will not find easily we can promise you that. These are in traditional colors with a variety of colors and a lot more. Obviously you can change it as per you theme of the UI of the website or application.

Weatherly 3D Pack

Weather applications are part of our essentials even if we do not realize it. So here is to these icons who have been guiding us about the weather around us. These 3D illustration pack is over the top in design as well as unique with a hit of reality in it. This is an eye pleasing 57 illustration pack. It has a user friendly vibe.

Characters 3D Pack

Indians have the tendency to celebrate each occasion with loud, grand gestures and celebration. Here is a character pack where people are shown dressed in their religious clothes being part of the festival. This is a 11 3D illustration pack in flat style. It sure has a theme going on around the whole vibe of celebration.

Business 3D Pack

Our list is incomplete without a pretty 3D pack of business? So here is a string of business themed unique illustrations in which the designer uses the scenarios of a office using a character who is portrayed here as a business man. This pack contains 14 3D illustrations. These are best used for mobile applications,  landing pages, vectors for websites, etc.

Here we are at the end of our countdown! Hope that you will find these very helpful. We add thousands of new resources everyday. Check out Latest Icons, Illustrations, 3D and keep yourself updated with new content.

Visit Iconscout for more such assets. We will bring another list of assets next week. Till then, Happy Designing!!

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