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Get 5.6 Million+ Vector Icons in Canva

Add millions of icons in Canva. With the IconScout app for Canva, search for any icon you need and import it into Canva – without switching apps or browser tabs.

Over 6.7 Million+ icons for Canva

Book and gown  Icon

Book And Gown Icon

Educational  Icon

Educational Icon

Educational  Icon

Educational Icon

Reminder Bell  Icon

Reminder Bell Icon

Educational  Icon

Educational Icon

Dollar  Icon

Dollar Icon

Color Pencils  Icon

Color Pencils Icon

Call  Icon

Call Icon

Radio  Icon

Radio Icon

Tic Tac  Icon

Tic Tac Icon

Bug Searching  Icon

Bug Searching Icon

Financial Target  Icon

Financial Target Icon

Mail Marketing  Icon

Mail Marketing Icon

Mobile Cashback  Icon

Mobile Cashback Icon

Reminder  Icon

Reminder Icon

Adding design assets with the IconScout app for Canva is a breeze!

Canva has empowered the world to design, and the IconScout app for Canva is here to enhance that experience with just a few clicks!


1. Install IconScout app for Canva


2. Choose a template, start designing with high-quality design assets


3. Drag and drop design assets

Plus, get access to lottie animations, vector and 3D illustrations

Over 6.1 million+ icons, vector illustration, 3D illustration and Lottie animations.

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Unlock stunning vector icons for your designs in Canva