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As an icon designer at Iconscout, I'm very happy about the way the team solves all problems I run into. In a year they become one of the biggest icon market, this is pretty much visible on incomes too. I'm pretty sure that this track will lead to bigger successes.

Alpar-Etele Meder

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I upload different types of content i.e. Icons, Illustrations, and Photos in the same account?

Yes, you can upload all types of content in the same account. You don't need to create multiple accounts.

2. Do Iconscout only accept Exclusive content?

No, We accept non-exclusive content i.e. you hold the ownership of it and can share on other mediums as well.

3. Can I upload Editorial Illustration?

Yes, you can upload Editorial Illustrations. These content will not be used for commercial purpose.

4. Is Model and Property release are mandatory to upload?

Yes, if you are uploading a Premium image and it contains any model or any personal property then you have to upload Model and Property release wherever applicable.

5. Who sets the price of each content?

On Iconscout, you hold the ownership of your content and at the time of uploading, you can set the price of each one.

6. What are the different methods using which I can payout my earnings?

You can payout your earnings in your PayPal account and if you are in India, then you can receive it via Bank transfer.

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