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Work Document Setting

Work Document Setting Icon Pack

99 Icons
Pack ID: 26935
Download in svg, png and 4 more formats
Available in Line Style
Attach Icon

Attach Icon

Attach add Icon

Attach Add Icon

Attach check Icon

Attach Check Icon

Attach delete Icon

Attach Delete Icon

Attach edit Icon

Attach Edit Icon

Book Icon

Book Icon

Book add Icon

Book Add Icon

Book check Icon

Book Check Icon

Book cloud Icon

Book Cloud Icon

Book delete Icon

Book Delete Icon

Book edit Icon

Book Edit Icon

Book favorite Icon

Book Favorite Icon

Book history Icon

Book History Icon

Book search Icon

Book Search Icon

Book sync Icon

Book Sync Icon

Calendar Icon

Calendar Icon

Calendar add Icon

Calendar Add Icon

Calendar check Icon

Calendar Check Icon

Calendar cloud Icon

Calendar Cloud Icon

Calendar delete Icon

Calendar Delete Icon

Calendar edit Icon

Calendar Edit Icon

Calendar favorite Icon

Calendar Favorite Icon

Calendar history Icon

Calendar History Icon

Calendar search Icon

Calendar Search Icon

Calendar sync Icon

Calendar Sync Icon

Checklist Icon

Checklist Icon

Checklist add Icon

Checklist Add Icon

Checklist check Icon

Checklist Check Icon

Checklist delete Icon

Checklist Delete Icon

Checklist edit Icon

Checklist Edit Icon

Checklist favorite Icon

Checklist Favorite Icon

Checklist search Icon

Checklist Search Icon

Checklist sync Icon

Checklist Sync Icon

Document Icon

Document Icon

Document add Icon

Document Add Icon

Document archive Icon

Document Archive Icon

Document check Icon

Document Check Icon

Document cloud Icon

Document Cloud Icon

Document delete Icon

Document Delete Icon

Document edit Icon

Document Edit Icon

Document favorite Icon

Document Favorite Icon

Document history Icon

Document History Icon

Document lock Icon

Document Lock Icon

Document search Icon

Document Search Icon

Document sync Icon

Document Sync Icon

Folder Icon

Folder Icon

Folder add Icon

Folder Add Icon

Folder archive Icon

Folder Archive Icon

Folder check Icon

Folder Check Icon

Folder cloud Icon

Folder Cloud Icon

Folder delete Icon

Folder Delete Icon

Folder edit Icon

Folder Edit Icon

Folder favorite Icon

Folder Favorite Icon

Folder history Icon

Folder History Icon

Folder lock Icon

Folder Lock Icon

Folder search Icon

Folder Search Icon

Folder sync Icon

Folder Sync Icon

Library Icon

Library Icon

Library add Icon

Library Add Icon

Library check Icon

Library Check Icon

Library cloud Icon

Library Cloud Icon

Library delete Icon

Library Delete Icon

Library edit Icon

Library Edit Icon

Library history Icon

Library History Icon

Library search Icon

Library Search Icon

Library sync Icon

Library Sync Icon

Mail Icon

Mail Icon

Mail add Icon

Mail Add Icon

Mail check Icon

Mail Check Icon

Mail delete Icon

Mail Delete Icon

Mail edit Icon

Mail Edit Icon

Mail favorite Icon

Mail Favorite Icon

Mail history Icon

Mail History Icon

Mail search Icon

Mail Search Icon

Mail sync Icon

Mail Sync Icon

Print Icon

Print Icon

Print add Icon

Print Add Icon

Print check Icon

Print Check Icon

Print delete Icon

Print Delete Icon

Print edit Icon

Print Edit Icon

Setting Icon

Setting Icon

Setting add Icon

Setting Add Icon

Setting check Icon

Setting Check Icon

Setting cloud Icon

Setting Cloud Icon

Setting delete Icon

Setting Delete Icon

Setting edit Icon

Setting Edit Icon

Setting history Icon

Setting History Icon

Setting search Icon

Setting Search Icon

Setting sync Icon

Setting Sync Icon

Time Icon

Time Icon

Time add Icon

Time Add Icon

Time check Icon

Time Check Icon

Time cloud Icon

Time Cloud Icon

Time delete Icon

Time Delete Icon

Time edit Icon

Time Edit Icon

Time favorite Icon

Time Favorite Icon

Time history Icon

Time History Icon

Time search Icon

Time Search Icon

Time sync Icon

Time Sync Icon

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