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Music Player Icon Pack

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svg, png and 4 more
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Next, Control, Arrow, Right, Forward
Mute, Control, Music, Player, Song, Volume, Sound
Find, Look, Magnifier, Search, Audio, Music, Player
Share, Sharing, Bluetooth, Cloud, Social
Refresh, Reload, Renew, Retweet, Sync, Synchronize
List, Add, New, Playlist, Insert, Music, Song
Next, Forward, Play, Player, Music, Audio
List, Control, Menu, Music, Playlist, Player
Media, Music, Pause, Player, Sound, Stop
Mic, Record, Microphone, Singer, Voice
Shuffle, Arrow, Music, Player, Random, Play
Upload, Palyer, Arrow, Up, Control
Play, Arrow, Music, Control, Sound, Audio
Verify, Accept, Check, Mark, Ok, Tick, Yes, Approve
Cloud, Data, Info, Weather, Player, Music
Arrow, Control, Down, Download, Save
Delete, Recycle, Bin, Remove, Trash
Back, Previous, Control, Arrow, Left
Audio, Cooverage, Network, Range, Signal, Volume
Dislike, Bad, Down, Hand, Thumb
Device, Mobile, Electric, Smartphone, Phone
Email, Enveleope, Letter, Message, Send
Like, Favorite, Heart, Love, Bookmark
High, Control, Music, Player, Song, Volume, Sound, Option
Like, Agree, Admit, Thumb, Up, Yes, Hand
Account, Avatar, Male, Man, Person, Profile
Album, Audio, Music, Play, Song, Track
Audio, Listen, Music, Note, Play, Sound
Badge, Best, Star, Favorite, Favourite, Bookmark, Like
Audio, Music, Note, Play, Player, Song, Sound
Add, Multimedia, Music, Player, Plus, Sound
Album, Music, Library, Song, Soundtrack
Best, List, Top, Most, Sort
Archive, Audio, Box, Catalogue, Library, Media
Back, Previous, Player, Music, Audio
Account, Followers, Group, Member, People, Team, User
Cancel, Close, Delete, Exit, Remove, X
Basket, Buket, Shopping, Cart, Purchase, Shop
Control, Menu, Option, Collection, List
Checklist, List, Play, Queue, Playlist, Todo, Tracks


Music Player Icon Collection.

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Sergei Kokota


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Updated on December 21, 2016
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