50 Icons

iOS And Android Icon Pack

Pack ID: 50167
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Colored Outline Style
Add Icon
Add Icon
Add Calendar Icon
Alarm Icon
Archive Icon
Attachment Clip Icon
Backward Icon
Backward Icon
Bank Icon
Bank Icon
Banner Board Icon
Basket Icon
Battery Icon
Book Icon
Bookmark Icon
Box Icon
Brightness Icon
Browser Icon
Browser Search Icon
Buying Icon
Calendar Check Icon
Calendar Delete Icon
Call Icon
Call Time Icon
Camera Icon
Cancel Icon
Cargo Dolly Icon
Cart Icon
Cd Icon
Clipboard Icon
Cloche Icon
Cloud Download Icon
Cloud Upload Icon
Contact Book Icon
Credit Card Icon
Crop Icon
Delete Icon
Delete Message Icon
Dislike Icon
Dollar Icon
Done Icon
Drawer Icon
Drawer Check Icon
Emergency Call Icon
Hospital Icon
Low Battery Icon
Message Send Icon
New Message Icon
New Mobile Icon
Processor Chip Icon

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