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Christmas Vol.1 Icon Pack

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Christmas, Xmas, Cap, Hat, Santa, Claus, Winter, Santaclaus
Christmas, Snow, Flake, Snowflake, Winter, Rain, Xmas, Celebration
Christmas, Snow, Man, Snowman, Xmas, Winter, Holiday
Christmas, Xmas, Wreath, Decoration, Celebration, Holiday, Winter
Christmas, Magic, Star, Celebration, Holiday, Xmas, Decoration
Christmas, Shopping, Bag, Cart, Xmas, Winter, Holiday
Christmas, Holiday, Wine, Glass, Xmas, Winter, Celebration
Christmas, Magic, Star, Celebration, Decoration, Holiday
Christmas, Candy, Cane, Xmas, Holiday, Celebration, Decoration
Christmas, Xmas, Candle, Celebration, Winter, Holiday, Decoration
Christmas, Holly, Xmas, Celebration, Decoration, Holiday, Winter
Christmas, Snow, Flake, Snowflake, Winter, Xmas, Holiday
Christmas, Snow, Rain, Winter, Xmas, Flake, Snowflake
Christmas, Wreath, Xmas, Decoration, Celebration, Holiday
Christmas, Dome, Snow, Snowdome, Xmas, Winter, Decoration
Christmas, Cofee, Tea, Xmas, Holiday, Celebration
Christmas, Bell, Xmas, Ceelebration, Holiday, Decoration, Winter
Christmas, Xmas, Tree, Light, Nature, Celebration, Decoration
Christmas, Xmas, Cap, Hat, Santa, Claus, Celebration
Christmas, Santa, Claus, Santaclaus, Holiday, Celebration, Xmas
Christmas, Ornaments, Xmas, Holiday, Celebration, Decoration, Winter
Christmas, Deer, Santa, Claus, Celebration, Animal, Xmas
Christmas, Xmas, Gif, Gifts, Pack, Celebration, Decoration
Christmas, Xmas, Ball, Celebration, Decoration, Holiday
Christmas, Xmas, Santa, Claus, Socks, Winter, Holiday


Christmas is coming soon and here is pixel perfect filled outline iconset for you. Download it and celebrate christmas with your loved one. Cheers! Happy Christmas!!

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Sagar Unagar


Sagar Unagar is passionate icon designer & loves creativity!

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Updated on November 17, 2016
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