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Basic UI Line Icon Pack

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File Types
svg, png and 4 more
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Favorite, Plus, Addendum, Accept, Confirmation, Cross, Submit
Announcement, Horn, Protest, Speaker, Broadcasting
Active, Call, Interactive, Interaction, Redirection, Redirect, Feedback, Phone
Globe, World, Earth, Global, Internet, Map, Planet
Configure, Tool, Settings, Control, Option, System, Cog
Wifi, Podcast, Graphic, Cool, Signal, Router
Video, Play, Multimedia, Music, Movie, Film
Key, Lock, Access, Secure, Unlock, Password, Protection
Inbox, Email, Send, Mail, Envolope, Letter, Message
Picture, Photo, Take, Album, Click, Gallery
Id, Card, Business, Hand, Payment, Man, Document, Pay
Airplane, Airport, Jet, Aeroplane, Fly, Aircraft, Flight
Compass, Map, Exploration, Gps, North, Driection, Location
Device, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Phone, Smart
Users, User, Profile, Business, Social, Team, Member, Organization
Pie, Chart, Graph, Growth, Stats, Data, Diagram
Folder, File, Portfolio, Organizing, Organize
Attachment, Attach, Clip, Pin, Paperclip, File, Office
Typing, Type, Chat, Conversation, Comment, Communication, Message
Find, Glass, Magnifier, Magnifying, Search, View, Zoom
Forward, Arrows, Refresh, Back, Next, Right, Reload, Repeat
Report, Business, Market, Marketing, Plan
Calculator, Accounting, School, Math, Calculation, Mathematics, Business, Calendar, Agenda, Month, Binder
Clock, Time, Countdown, Late, Timer
View, Eye, Vision, See, Look, Sight, Concept
Settings, Cog, Setting, Configure, Control, Option, Tools, Repair
Valid, Contract, Survey, Validation, Validate, Agree
Trash, Empty, Can, Recycle, Remove, Delete, Garbage
Homepage, Home, Page, Button, Web, Graphic
Information, About, Help, Info, Question, Sign, Document
Multimedia, Audio, Music, Media, Sound, Instrument, Note
Home, Page, Web, House, Apartment
Document, Page, Paper, Reading, Form, Word
Backward, Arrows, Back, Direction, Left, Move, Navigation
Calendar, Agenda, Month, Binder
Browser, Web, Window, Internet, Website, Search, Network
Notification, Alert, Bell, Alarm, Push
Add, Correct, Confirmation, Ok, Design, Confirm
Like, Ok, Hand, Validation, Swipe, Fingers
Cart, Shop, Buy, Supermarket, Basket, Bag, Retail
Lock, Padlock, Password, Locker, Secret
Location, Pinpoint, Mapping, Map, Pin, Shadow, Sign, Gps
Bulb, Light, Idea, Lamp, Lightbulb, Electric, Energy
Edit, Pencil, Draw, Menu, Notepad, Button, Information
Cursor, Arrow, Pointer, Click, Point, Button, Selection, Mouse, Hold, Direction
Star, Rating, Top, Shape, Ranking, Rank
Files, Document, File, Form, Organizing, Paper, Sheet, Data
Chat, Speech, Talking, Element, Conversation
Shield, Crest, Armor, Power, Minimal, Decoration, Pennant
Cancel, Cross, No, Delete, Remove, Stop, Close


Basic UI Line Icons For Personal And Commercial Use.

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IYIKON is passionate icon designer & loves creativity!

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Updated on November 18, 2016
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