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Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Icon Pack

48 Icons
Pack ID: 7330
Download in svg, png and 4 more formats
Available in Glyph Style
Admin  Icon

Admin Icon

Billing  Icon

Billing Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Chart  Icon

Chart Icon

Checklist  Icon

Checklist Icon

Configuration  Icon

Configuration Icon

Contacts  Icon

Contacts Icon

Create  Icon

Create Icon

Dashboard  Icon

Dashboard Icon

Delete  Icon

Delete Icon

Edit  Icon

Edit Icon

File  Icon

File Icon

Files  Icon

Files Icon

Gallery  Icon

Gallery Icon

Grid  Icon

Grid Icon

Home  Icon

Home Icon

Income  Icon

Income Icon

Invoices  Icon

Invoices Icon

Layouts  Icon

Layouts Icon

List  Icon

List Icon

Login  Icon

Login Icon

Logout  Icon

Logout Icon

Mail  Icon

Mail Icon

Manage  Icon

Manage Icon

Manage  Icon

Manage Icon

Maps  Icon

Maps Icon

Members  Icon

Members Icon

Message  Icon

Message Icon

News  Icon

News Icon

Orders  Icon

Orders Icon

Overview  Icon

Overview Icon

Profile  Icon

Profile Icon

Referrals  Icon

Referrals Icon

Refresh  Icon

Refresh Icon

Reports  Icon

Reports Icon

Sales  Icon

Sales Icon

Save  Icon

Save Icon

Search  Icon

Search Icon

Send  Icon

Send Icon

Setting  Icon

Setting Icon

Stats  Icon

Stats Icon

Subscribers  Icon

Subscribers Icon

Support  Icon

Support Icon

Tablets  Icon

Tablets Icon

Tasks  Icon

Tasks Icon

Tracking  Icon

Tracking Icon

User  Icon

User Icon

Users  Icon

Users Icon

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