Discover the ultimate collection of free icon fonts, SVG icons, 3D icons and animated icons with Unicons

Bring your designs to life with free icon fonts, SVG icons, 3D icons and animated icons with Unicons by IconScout. Whether you’re a designer or developer, Unicons has you covered with high-quality icons in a variety of icon styles such as line, monochrome, solid and thin line.

Unicons now supports 3D and Lottie animations

Unicons now includes a wide selection of 3D and animated icons to bring your designs to life.

Start using icons as a font

Insert Unicons easily on your website with just a few lines of code.


Add style

Copy the code above into the <head> section of the pages where you want to use these icons.


Add icons

Search for the icon and put it in the <body> section of the HTML.


Style your icon

Select the right icon and easily change the size, color and tone of the icon.

Use in your favorite styles

Amplify your design with Unicons that is a versatile collection of icon fonts and SVG icons, available in four different styles.

The web’s favorite library of icon fonts, SVG icons, animated icons and 3D icons

Used and loved by a community of designers, developers and more.

Pixel-perfect icons - Search Icon

Pixel-perfect icons

Work with a consistent pixel-based design across all categories.

7,000+ simplified design assets - Settings Icon

7,000+ simplified design assets

A library of icon fonts, SVG icons, animated icons and 3D icons.

Web and SVG icon fonts - Browser Icon

Web and SVG icon fonts

Implement Web and SVG icon fonts into your projects with one simple line of code.

20+ Categories - Healthcare, Sports, Transport Icon

20+ categories

Available in popular categories such as business, brand logos, chat, communication and more.

Car icon - Speed up development process

Speed up your development process

Just one line of code to add the whole library into your web. Bridging the gap between designers and developers

Explore Library

Get started with icon fonts, SVG, animated and 3D icons

Use these icons to brighten up your interfaces and user experiences.

Access Unicons directly from your favorite design tools

Unicons’ icon fonts, SVG icons, animated icons and 3D icons are easily accessible as plugins with popular tools. Just search and insert the desired icon with a simple drag and drop.

Popular designs are now built using our assets and tooling

Brian Lee
Brian Lee
Senior Animator, headspace

“Lottie integrates swifty with my workflow, has a small footprint, I can share ideas with my teams rapidly.”

Bansari Vekariya
Bansari Vekariya
UX Designer, The minimalist

“With the creative design assets, it’s super easy to express my ideas to stakeholders. I usually prefer IconScout’s website for asset hunt.”

Vinu Ramesan
Vinu Ramesan
Head of Motion Design, Gojek

“LottieFiles are super infused to all our products and services to get the personalized feeling just right.”


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