52 Magical Logo Icons

Browse & download free and premium 52 Magical Logo Icons in design styles for web or mobile (iOS and Android) design, marketing, or developer projects. These royalty-free high-quality Magical Logo Vector Icons are available in SVG, PNG, EPS, ICO, ICNS, AI, or PDF and are available as individual or icon packs.. You can also customise them to match your brand and color palette! Don’t forget to check out our exclusive, popular, latest, and featured icons too! Don’t forget to check out our
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    Magic Circle Magical Symbol Magical Sign Icon

    Magic Circle Icon

    Correllian Magical Symbol Corellian Symbol Icon

    Correllian Icon

    Gemini Symbol Gemini Sign Gemini Logo Icon

    Gemini Symbol Icon

    Saturn Symbol Saturn Sign Saturn Logo Icon

    Saturn Symbol Icon

    Rebirth Symbol Rebirth Sign Rebirth Logo Icon

    Rebirth Symbol Icon

    Venus Symbol Venus Sign Venus Logo Icon

    Venus Symbol Icon

    Pisces Symbol Pisces Sign Pisces Logo Icon

    Pisces Symbol Icon

    Aries Symbol Aries Sign Aries Logo Icon

    Aries Symbol Icon

    Jupiter Symbol Jupiter Sign Jupiter Logo Icon

    Jupiter Symbol Icon

    Vulnerability Symbol Vulnerability Sign Vulnerability Logo Icon

    Vulnerability Symbol Icon

    Mercury Symbol Mercury Sign Mercury Logo Icon

    Mercury Symbol Icon

    Taurus Symbol Taurus Sign Taurus Logo Icon

    Taurus Symbol Icon

    Mother Symbol Mother Sign Mother Logo Icon

    Mother Symbol Icon

    Mars Symbol Mars Sign Mars Logo Icon

    Mars Symbol Icon

    Spell Symbol Spell Sign Spell Logo Icon

    Spell Symbol Icon

    Uranus Symbol Uranus Sign Uranus Logo Icon

    Uranus Symbol Icon

    Scorpio Symbol Scorpio Sign Scorpio Logo Icon

    Scorpio Symbol Icon

    Leo Symbol Leo Sign Leo Logo Icon

    Leo Symbol Icon

    Moon Symbol Moon Sign Moon Logo Icon

    Moon Symbol Icon

    Witch Symbol Witch Sign Witch Logo Icon

    Witch Symbol Icon

    Blessing Symbol Blessing Sign Blessing Logo Icon

    Blessing Symbol Icon

    Capricorn Symbol Capricorn Sign Capricorn Logo Icon

    Capricorn Symbol Icon

    Fertility Symbol Fertility Sign Fertility Logo Icon

    Fertility Symbol Icon

    Asatru Symbol Asatru Sign Asatru Logo Icon

    Asatru Symbol Icon

    Sagittarius Symbol Sagittarius Sign Sagittarius Logo Icon

    Sagittarius Symbol Icon

    Triquetra Symbol Triquetra Sign Triquetra Logo Icon

    Triquetra Symbol Icon

    Storm Symbol Storm Sign Storm Logo Icon

    Storm Symbol Icon

    Cancer Symbol Cancer Sign Cancer Logo Icon

    Cancer Symbol Icon

    Purification Symbol Purification Sign Purification Logo Icon

    Purification Symbol Icon

    Libra Symbol Libra Sign Libra Logo Icon

    Libra Symbol Icon

    Maiden Symbol Maiden Sign Maiden Logo Icon

    Maiden Symbol Icon

    Atheism Symbol Atheism Sign Atheism Logo Icon

    Atheism Symbol Icon

    Death Sign Death Symbol Death Logo Icon

    Death Sign Icon

    Spring Symbol Spring Sign Spring Logo Icon

    Spring Symbol Icon

    Maiden Symbol Maiden Sign Maiden Logo Icon

    Maiden Symbol Icon

    Earth Symbol Earth Sign Earth Logo Icon

    Earth Symbol Icon

    Bahal Symbol Bahal Sign Bahal Logo Icon

    Bahal Symbol Icon

    Ankh Ankh Symbol Ankh Sign Icon

    Ankh Icon

    Chaos Symbol Chaos Star Chaos Sign Icon

    Chaos Symbol Icon

    Deosil Symbol Deosil Sign Deosil Emblem Icon

    Deosil Symbol Icon

    Psychic Awareness Psychic Symbol Psychic Sign Icon

    Psychic Awareness Icon

    Summer Symbol Sunshine Sun Icon

    Summer Symbol Icon

    Animism Polytheism Animism Sign Icon

    Animism Icon

    Jainism Jain Dharma Jain Symbol Icon

    Jainism Icon

    Marriage Symbol Marriage Sign Wedding Symbol Icon

    Marriage Symbol Icon

    Satanic Church Satanic Temple Satanic Symbol Icon

    Satanic Church Icon

    Babalon Star Babalon Symbol Babalon Sign Icon

    Babalon Star Icon

    Confucian Symbol Religious Symbol Chinese Philosophy Icon

    Confucian Symbol Icon

    Essential Oil Oil Dop Oil Symbol Icon

    Essential Oil Icon

    Spirituality Jainism Jain Dharma Icon

    Spirituality Icon

    Unicorn Animal Horse Icon

    Unicorn Icon

    Magic Wand Desire Dreams Icon

    Magic Wand Icon