Multimedia Icon Pack

35 Icons
Pack ID: 34157
Download in svg, png formats
Available in Line Style
Backward  Icon

Backward Icon

Camera  Icon

Camera Icon

Eject  Icon

Eject Icon

Flash  Icon

Flash Icon

Forward  Icon

Forward Icon

Free Headphone  Icon

Headphone Icon

Heart  Icon

Heart Icon

Info  Icon

Info Icon

Maximize  Icon

Maximize Icon

Microphone  Icon

Microphone Icon

Music  Icon

Music Icon

Mute  Icon

Mute Icon

Next  Icon

Next Icon

Free Notification  Icon

Notification Icon

Pause  Icon

Pause Icon

Photos  Icon

Photos Icon

Play  Icon

Play Icon

Playlist  Icon

Playlist Icon

Power  Icon

Power Icon

Previous  Icon

Previous Icon

Record  Icon

Record Icon

Refresh  Icon

Refresh Icon

Repeat  Icon

Repeat Icon

Save  Icon

Save Icon

Settings  Icon

Settings Icon

Share  Icon

Share Icon

Share  Icon

Share Icon

Shuffle  Icon

Shuffle Icon

Slider  Icon

Slider Icon

Volume  Icon

Volume Icon

Volume  Icon

Volume Icon

Free Volume Down  Icon

Volume Down Icon

Voulume Up  Icon

Voulume Up Icon

Zoom In  Icon

Zoom In Icon

Zoom Out  Icon

Zoom Out Icon

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