Essentials UI

Essentials UI Icon Pack

120 Icons
Pack ID: 139932
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Gradient Style
Account  Icon

Account Icon

Add user  Icon

Add User Icon

Alarm  Icon

Alarm Icon

Alert  Icon

Alert Icon

Archive  Icon

Archive Icon

Archive  Icon

Archive Icon

Award  Icon

Award Icon

Free Bag  Icon

Bag Icon

Bag  Icon

Bag Icon

Bank  Icon

Bank Icon

Barcode  Icon

Barcode Icon

Basket  Icon

Basket Icon

Book  Icon

Book Icon

Bookmark  Icon

Bookmark Icon

Box  Icon

Box Icon

Briefcase  Icon

Briefcase Icon

Bubble chat  Icon

Bubble Chat Icon

Calculator  Icon

Calculator Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Call  Icon

Call Icon

Camera  Icon

Camera Icon

Camera video  Icon

Camera Video Icon

Cancel  Icon

Cancel Icon

Checklist  Icon

Checklist Icon

Clipboard  Icon

Clipboard Icon

Cloud  Icon

Cloud Icon

Free Compass  Icon

Compass Icon

Copy  Icon

Copy Icon

Credit card  Icon

Credit Card Icon

Database  Icon

Database Icon

Delete  Icon

Delete Icon

Diamond  Icon

Diamond Icon

Download  Icon

Download Icon

Edit  Icon

Edit Icon

Emoticon  Icon

Emoticon Icon

Eye  Icon

Eye Icon

Free File  Icon

File Icon

Filter  Icon

Filter Icon

Finger print  Icon

Finger Print Icon

Flag  Icon

Flag Icon

Flag  Icon

Flag Icon

Flask  Icon

Flask Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Forward  Icon

Forward Icon

Game controller  Icon

Game Controller Icon

Gift box  Icon

Gift Box Icon

Graph  Icon

Graph Icon

Graph bar  Icon

Graph Bar Icon

Group  Icon

Group Icon

Headphone  Icon

Headphone Icon

History  Icon

History Icon

Home  Icon

Home Icon

Id card  Icon

Id Card Icon

Image  Icon

Image Icon

Information  Icon

Information Icon

Key  Icon

Key Icon

Layer  Icon

Layer Icon

Light bulb  Icon

Light Bulb Icon

Like  Icon

Like Icon

Link  Icon

Link Icon

List  Icon

List Icon

Location  Icon

Location Icon

Lock  Icon

Lock Icon

Love  Icon

Love Icon

Map  Icon

Map Icon

Megaphone  Icon

Megaphone Icon

Menu  Icon

Menu Icon

Message  Icon

Message Icon

Microphone  Icon

Microphone Icon

Minimize  Icon

Minimize Icon

Mobile phone  Icon

Mobile Phone Icon

Money  Icon

Money Icon

Monitor  Icon

Monitor Icon

Musical note  Icon

Musical Note Icon

Free Newspaper  Icon

Newspaper Icon

Note  Icon

Note Icon

Notification  Icon

Notification Icon

Option  Icon

Option Icon

Organization  Icon

Organization Icon

Pencil  Icon

Pencil Icon

Phone book  Icon

Phone Book Icon

Plus button  Icon

Plus Button Icon

Presentation  Icon

Presentation Icon

Printer  Icon

Printer Icon

Question  Icon

Question Icon

Radio  Icon

Radio Icon

Reload  Icon

Reload Icon

Sales  Icon

Sales Icon

Save  Icon

Save Icon

Scan  Icon

Scan Icon

Search  Icon

Search Icon

Settings  Icon

Settings Icon

Share  Icon

Share Icon

Share  Icon

Share Icon

Shield  Icon

Shield Icon

Signal  Icon

Signal Icon

Star  Icon

Star Icon

Stats  Icon

Stats Icon

Stopwatch  Icon

Stopwatch Icon

Store  Icon

Store Icon

Free Sun  Icon

Sun Icon

Free Tag  Icon

Tag Icon

Target  Icon

Target Icon

Television  Icon

Television Icon

Time  Icon

Time Icon

Transaction  Icon

Transaction Icon

Trolley  Icon

Trolley Icon

Trophy  Icon

Trophy Icon

Upload  Icon

Upload Icon

User  Icon

User Icon

Verify  Icon

Verify Icon

Video  Icon

Video Icon

Video  Icon

Video Icon

Voucher  Icon

Voucher Icon

Wallet  Icon

Wallet Icon

Watch  Icon

Watch Icon

Website  Icon

Website Icon

Withdrawal  Icon

Withdrawal Icon

Wrench  Icon

Wrench Icon

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