Designer Interview: Max Icons

This is our Interview series and our first installment is of Max icons. Hope you enjoy it!

Designer Interview: Max Icons

Today we are here to announce our latest blog series “Designer Interview”. It has been months since you all enjoying Iconscout’s assets, following your favorite contributors. So here we are with an amazing opportunity allowing our user’s to know the designers better. This series will focus on the life of Designer, their work, their inspiration, and, more importantly, their methods of working.

Sorasak Pinwiset, known on Iconscout as the Max Icons, is our first designer. He ‘s based in Thailand and he gets inspired by his long passion for designLet’s get him to know. How his passion influenced him today to be an artist and what tips he has for aspiring artists and contributors!

Hey Max! Tell us a little bit about yourself? How was your childhood and what inspired you to become a designer today?

Max Icons
Sorasak Pinwiset – Max Icons

Hi, I am Sorasak Pinwiset also known as Max Icons. I am 28 and currently living in Thailand. I am an icon designer by profession.

So, my early childhood was consumed mainly by video games. I was mad about video games and generally, I used to talk about what parts should get better and what part should be replaced or modified after playing them later on. I soon realized with my passion for video games that I want to do something about the design and development. And I set out to become a model. I like to draw my favorite characters or scenes from the video games that I play and enjoy very often.

Tell us a bit about your journey as a designer?

I graduated from a multimedia faculty at a university after completing its design course. Soon after graduation about 2-3 years, I had my first opportunity at Chanut company.


It is an icon company at that point in time that was in the industry for about a year. This experience was my first and foremost real-world experience, rather than the reel world. I’ve had incredible learning, development, and experience. I was working round the clock producing results in icon forms. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot of things. From basic icon layout to final output like parameters, color palette, theme, style, etc. I had developed my own brand called Max icons after working there for a year.

How would you describe your style?

I began with the sketching and then moved gradually towards illustration, character design, and various creations of this kind. Initially, when I started settling on icon design I started warm basics like Line design style moving to Glyph and Filled outline style. I learned many different styles, tricks, and design techniques over the course of time.

I have gained a lot of experience with the job. The design I’m personally more proud of and working with is Lineal Color style. It is influenced by my gradient style which makes the design more beautiful with complementary strokes.

Lineal Color Icon style by Max Icons

Most of the icons that I create contain elements as people or characters. These elements are posing in a certain manner. I try to make these elements look as realistic as possible. It takes a lot of time from drafting and designing to producing results.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

I usually look through some of the graphic source websites like Dribble, Pinterest, etc. for inspiration. I assume some have their own ways of seeking inspiring sources.

I am sure that everybody has their own special way to be inspired. My own particular way of finding inspiration is by using my video games as the primary and constant source of inspiration. Other icon designers on Iconscout and their designs also inspired me to do experiments and make new icons.

What pieces of work you most proud of and why?

I’ve currently created an icon pack called “Diseases and Injury” with virus icons, symptoms, precautions, etc. in the situation of a global pandemic. This is a creation of mine to which I am very proud. It helps and has helped to sensitize people about the deadly coronavirus.

Diseases and Injury icons on Iconscout

It has also proven to be beneficial to people who spread awareness through their websites and their project.

What made you want to become a contributor to Iconscout?

I came across Iconscout when I was working with Chanut is Industry. I was already a contributor to Chanut at that time and got to know more about Iconscout and how they left a really good impact on the industry. I was already conscious of everything and it wasn’t to deny that Iconscout was there in my mind when I launched my own company. So I decided to join in as a contributor and work with Iconscout.

What are the benefits you have received by uploading your work on Iconscout?

Max Icons designs on Iconscout

Obviously money is a major factor for any artist but Iconscout is not only about the money it’s about the opportunity. The opportunity I have got to present my work to their audience and users they have gathered with their trust over time. It has really helped me to make my content reach people all around the world. Iconscout has a good social media presence as well. I have got featured quite a lot of times. It has made me connect with many people over social media as well. This is the major benefit I have received from Iconscout.

What advice do you have for future Iconscout contributors?

As I mentioned earlier, in terms of reward it is not always about the money. How to connect with the community you are getting. The community of Iconscout is really nice and it provides a platform for all the budding artists. It really is changing quickly. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I’d advise future contributors to use it wisely as It also has a really good team to work with.

What tips would you give to the budding designers?

I believe even if there is no inspiration or you are having a creative block, draw and draw the more you draw the better you will get. I would say choose your inspiration sources very wisely. Keep the ones you are compatible with close to you. The design community is quite open and is friendly. You can always approach other artists for any query or inspiration.

The bottom line for any designer is to draw, draw, and draw. More you draw more you create.

At last, tell us three things you like about Iconscout?

Three things about Iconscout that I like the most are:

  • They take care of their contributions very well. The team is there to help 24*7. Any query or doubt gets solved easily. They even help in basic tasks like tagging and uploading. A great help to me and other contributors as well.
  • They make sure my work is updated continuously. Yes, they help in sharing your work with their audience on various social media levels and platforms. They make sure our contributor profile is up to date helping in maintaining and spreading our profile to users.
  • They have an easy to use and excellent uploading tools. You can upload thousands of icons in a day without any issues.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Max! If you like his work, visit his profile now by clicking the following link. We will be back with another interview soon. And if you wish to be a contributor for Iconscout follow this link and apply now.

Till then Happy Designing!

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