1,762,857 Line Icons

Find & Download 1,762,857 Line Icons in Line, Flat, Glyph, Colored Outline, and many more design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. These royalty-free Line Icon Images are available in PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, base64, and other formats & dimensions.

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Logo Social Media Brand Icon
Remove Delete Minimize Icon
Share Sharing Network Icon
Layer Layers Arrange Icon
Internet Globe Global Icon
House Homepage Estatehome Alt Icon
Setting Gear Cogwheel Icon
Magnifier Find Magnifying Glass Icon
Close Cancel Delete Icon
Cancel Delete Cross Icon
Sign Out Logout Exit Icon
Save Favorite Ribbon Icon
Help Mark Question Icon
Approve Done Complete Icon
Sign Out Logout Exit Icon
Date Month Planner Icon
Like Done Thumb Up Icon
Notification Alert Alarm Icon
Link Hyperlink Chain Icon
Plus Add New Add Icon
Add New Add Addition Icon
Menu More Show More Icon
Close Delete Remove Icon
Flame Light Burn Icon
Trash Bin Garbage Can Icon
Send Paper Plane Message Icon
Approve Check Done Icon
Favorite Bookmark Rate Icon
Edit Pencil Pen Icon
Attach Attachment Paperclip Icon
Menu More Show More Icon
Network Phone Network Connection Icon
Address Contact Email Icon
Research Magnifying Glass Find Icon
Expand Fullscreen Maximize Icon
Apartment House Lodge Icon
Sign In Login Entry Icon
Save Tag Bookmark Rounded Icon
Information Alert Wrong Icon
Pen Pencil Write Icon
Mic Speach Voice Icon
Calculation Device Calculator Icon
Share Sharing Upload Icon
Exclamation Mark Mark Alert Icon
Pencil Edit Write Icon
Wifi Wireless Connection Icon
Back Key Backspace Icon
Tv Television Retro Tv Icon
Sign In Login Entry Icon
Link Chain Hyperlink Icon
Checked Ok Right Icon
Cup Mug Tea Icon
Key Password Lock Icon
House Homepage Estate Icon
Backup Restore Revert Icon
Network Phone Signal Phone Network Icon
Minus Remove Delete Icon
Reload Refresh Recycle Icon
History Backup Restore Icon
Filters Funnel Sort Icon
Exclamation Mark Alert Wrong Icon
Reload Refresh 360 Icon
Age Restriction Age Limit Age Icon
Bluetooth Share Transfer Data Icon
Sleeping Rest Person Icon
Fork Knife Spoon Icon
Announcement Speaker Bullhorn Icon
Repair Tool Mechanic Tool Wrench Icon
Hyperlink Chain Connect Icon
News News Paper Paper Icon
Toggle On Off Icon
Bolt Thunder Flash Icon
Tachometer Gauge Meter Icon
Repeat Reload Process Icon
Recyclebin Garbage Can Delete Icon
Reload Refresh Sync Icon
Airplane Aeroplane Aircraft Icon
Box Square Cube Icon
Dislike Unlike Thumb Down Icon
Performance Measurement Speedometer Dashboard Icon
Battery Low Battery Battery Empty Icon
Thunder Flash Light Icon
Parcel Box Package Icon
Sun Sunny Hot Temperature Icon
No Preview No View Block Preview Icon
Space Bar Keyboard Keys Icon
Close Delete Remove Icon
Purse Holder Wallet Icon
Airplane Aeroplane Aircraft Icon
Taxi Travel Vehicle Icon
Password Symbol Multiplication Icon
Page Collection Files Collection Document Collection Icon
Zoom In Zoom Magnifier Icon
Baby Stroller Baby Buggy Pram Icon
Toggle On Off Icon
Color Palette Palette Theme Icon
Water Glass Water Glass Icon
Minus Remove Delete Icon
Atm Card Credit Card Debit Card Icon
Mute Mute Volume Volume Off Icon
Key Password Lock Icon
Medium Volume Volume Up Full Volume Icon
Parcel Box Shipping Icon
Wifi Off No Wifi No Signal Icon
Chip Card Circuit Icon
Balance Scale Justice Icon
Water Drop Water Drop Icon
Keyboard Keys Input Device Icon
Fork Knife Spoon Icon
Pizza Slice Slice Pizza Icon
Archery Dart Dart Board Icon
Cube Box Icon
Plus Square Icon
Full Brightness High Brightness Luminosity Icon
Broken Chain Disconnect Link Icon
Timer Sandglass Time Icon
Adjust Contrast Brightness Icon
Phone Mobile Vibration Icon
Tree Forest Nature Icon
Take Off Airplane Aeroplane Icon