Text Editor

Text Editor Icon Pack

18 Icons
Pack ID: 29378
Download in svg, png formats
Available in Line Style
Align left  Icon

Align Left Icon

Align right  Icon

Align Right Icon

Bold  Icon

Bold Icon

Bulleted list  Icon

Bulleted List Icon

Center alignment  Icon

Center Alignment Icon

Columns  Icon

Columns Icon

Dedent  Icon

Dedent Icon

Free Hyperlink  Icon

Hyperlink Icon

Image  Icon

Image Icon

Free Indent  Icon

Indent Icon

Italic  Icon

Italic Icon

Justify  Icon

Justify Icon

New document  Icon

New Document Icon

Printer  Icon

Printer Icon

Search  Icon

Search Icon

Table  Icon

Table Icon

Text  Icon

Text Icon

Underline  Icon

Underline Icon

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