Pathology Equipment Icon Pack

30 Icons

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Cell Counter Blood Icon

Cell Icon

Centrifuge Machine Tube Icon

Centrifuge Icon

Cotton Stick Swabs Icon

Cotton Icon

Douglas Bag Air Icon

Douglas Icon

Elisa Washer Microplate Icon

Elisa Icon

Embedding Molds Tissue Icon

Embedding Icon

Fnac Needles Cytological Icon

Fnac Icon

Haemocytometer Counting Blood Icon

Haemocytometer Icon

Intestine Model Digestive Icon

Intestine Icon

Magnetic Bar Stirrer Icon

Magnetic Icon

Micropipette Droplet Laboratory Icon

Micropipette Icon

Microscope Magnify Laboratory Icon

Microscope Icon

Pathology Laboratory Medical Icon

Pathology Icon

Pathology Slides Smear Icon

Pathology Icon

Petri Dish Sample Icon

Petri Icon

Ph Meter Base Icon

Ph Icon

Pipette Dropper Liquid Icon

Pipette Icon

Pipette Stand Holder Icon

Pipette Icon

Rotary Microtome Slices Icon

Rotary Icon

Slide Box Storage Icon

Slide Icon

Specimen Container Sample Icon

Specimen Icon

Spirometer Breathe Exhale Icon

Spirometer Icon

Spreader Cell Spreading Icon

Spreader Icon

Thyroid Gland Endocrine Icon

Thyroid Icon

Tissue Floating Water Icon

Tissue Icon

Tong Crucible Tweezers Icon

Tong Icon

Trephine Needle Biopsy Icon

Trephine Icon

Tube Stand Holder Icon

Tube Icon

Urinometer Urine Specific Icon

Urinometer Icon

Vial Glass Storage Icon

Vial Icon

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