Anniversary Icon Pack

30 Icons

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Glyph Style
Balloons  Icon

Balloons Icon

Bouquet  Icon

Bouquet Icon

Bunting  Icon

Bunting Icon

Cake  Icon

Cake Icon

Cake  Icon

Cake Icon

Candle  Icon

Candle Icon

Candles  Icon

Candles Icon

Card  Icon

Card Icon

Card  Icon

Card Icon

Chocolate  Icon

Chocolate Icon

Cocktail  Icon

Cocktail Icon

Confetti  Icon

Confetti Icon

Couple  Icon

Couple Icon

Date  Icon

Date Icon

Dog  Icon

Dog Icon

Fireworks  Icon

Fireworks Icon

Flower  Icon

Flower Icon

Gift  Icon

Gift Icon

Giftbox  Icon

Giftbox Icon

Hands  Icon

Hands Icon

Love  Icon

Love Icon

Mugs  Icon

Mugs Icon

Number  Icon

Number Icon

Ribbon  Icon

Ribbon Icon

Roses  Icon

Roses Icon

Snow  Icon

Snow Icon

Surprise  Icon

Surprise Icon

Toys  Icon

Toys Icon

Wedding  Icon

Wedding Icon

Work  Icon

Work Icon

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