Key Performance Indicators Icon Pack

36 Icons

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Line Style
Achievable  Icon

Achievable Icon

Annualbonus  Icon

Annualbonus Icon

Checklist  Icon

Checklist Icon

Costs  Icon

Costs Icon

Delivery  Icon

Delivery Icon

Department Indicators  Icon

Department Indicators Icon

Effectiveness  Icon

Effectiveness Icon

Efficiency  Icon

Efficiency Icon

Goal  Icon

Goal Icon

Key Performance Indicators  Icon

Key Performance Indicators Icon

Key Success Factors  Icon

Key Success Factors Icon

Kpi Dictionary  Icon

Kpi Dictionary Icon

Kpi Financial Indicator  Icon

Kpi Financial Indicator Icon

Kpi Marketing  Icon

Kpi Marketing Icon

Measurable  Icon

Measurable Icon

Measure Success  Icon

Measure Success Icon

Negative Kpi  Icon

Negative Kpi Icon

Net Promoter Score  Icon

Net Promoter Score Icon

Organization Indicators  Icon

Organization Indicators Icon

Payraise  Icon

Payraise Icon

Positive Kpi  Icon

Positive Kpi Icon

Productivity  Icon

Productivity Icon

Promotion  Icon

Promotion Icon

Qualitative Data  Icon

Qualitative Data Icon

Quality  Icon

Quality Icon

Quantitative Data  Icon

Quantitative Data Icon

Relevant  Icon

Relevant Icon

Safety  Icon

Safety Icon

Satisfaction  Icon

Satisfaction Icon

Shortcomings  Icon

Shortcomings Icon

Specific  Icon

Specific Icon

Strategic Kpis  Icon

Strategic Kpis Icon

Success  Icon

Success Icon

Timely  Icon

Timely Icon

Volume  Icon

Volume Icon

Workability  Icon

Workability Icon

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