Home Improvements Icon Pack

90 Icons

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Adjustable Wrench  Icon

Adjustable Wrench Icon

Air Diffuser  Icon

Air Diffuser Icon

Basement  Icon

Basement Icon

Bathroom  Icon

Bathroom Icon

Bathtub  Icon

Bathtub Icon

Bedroom  Icon

Bedroom Icon

Brick Wall  Icon

Brick Wall Icon

Broom  Icon

Broom Icon

Builder Female  Icon

Builder Female Icon

Builder Male  Icon

Builder Male Icon

Carpet  Icon

Carpet Icon

Ceiling  Icon

Ceiling Icon

Chalk  Icon

Chalk Icon

Circular Saw  Icon

Circular Saw Icon

Concrete Mixer  Icon

Concrete Mixer Icon

Coveralls  Icon

Coveralls Icon

Cut List  Icon

Cut List Icon

Decoration  Icon

Decoration Icon

Dehumidifier  Icon

Dehumidifier Icon

Dining Room  Icon

Dining Room Icon

Door  Icon

Door Icon

Drill  Icon

Drill Icon

Duct Tape  Icon

Duct Tape Icon

Dust Mask  Icon

Dust Mask Icon

Extension Cord  Icon

Extension Cord Icon

Faucet  Icon

Faucet Icon

Find Professionals  Icon

Find Professionals Icon

Flashlight  Icon

Flashlight Icon

Floor  Icon

Floor Icon

Floor Tiles  Icon

Floor Tiles Icon

Garden Hose  Icon

Garden Hose Icon

Get Ideas  Icon

Get Ideas Icon

Get Quotes  Icon

Get Quotes Icon

Glue  Icon

Glue Icon

Hammer  Icon

Hammer Icon

Handsaw  Icon

Handsaw Icon

Hatchet  Icon

Hatchet Icon

Heating  Icon

Heating Icon

Helmet  Icon

Helmet Icon

Hex Key  Icon

Hex Key Icon

Home Office  Icon

Home Office Icon

House  Icon

House Icon

Kitchen  Icon

Kitchen Icon

Ladder  Icon

Ladder Icon

Lawn Mower  Icon

Lawn Mower Icon

Led Lights  Icon

Led Lights Icon

Level  Icon

Level Icon

Light Bulb  Icon

Light Bulb Icon

Living Room  Icon

Living Room Icon

Mallet  Icon

Mallet Icon

Mop Bucket  Icon

Mop Bucket Icon

Nail  Icon

Nail Icon

Paint  Icon

Paint Icon

Paint Brush  Icon

Paint Brush Icon

Paint Bucket  Icon

Paint Bucket Icon

Paint Roller  Icon

Paint Roller Icon

Pencil  Icon

Pencil Icon

Pliers  Icon

Pliers Icon

Plumbing  Icon

Plumbing Icon

Project  Icon

Project Icon

Protective Gloves  Icon

Protective Gloves Icon

Putty Knife  Icon

Putty Knife Icon

Repair  Icon

Repair Icon

Ruler  Icon

Ruler Icon

Safety Ear Muffs  Icon

Safety Ear Muffs Icon

Safety Glasses  Icon

Safety Glasses Icon

Scaffolding  Icon

Scaffolding Icon

Scissors  Icon

Scissors Icon

Screw  Icon

Screw Icon

Screwdriver  Icon

Screwdriver Icon

Security Camera  Icon

Security Camera Icon

Sharpie  Icon

Sharpie Icon

Shovel  Icon

Shovel Icon

Staircase  Icon

Staircase Icon

Staple Gun  Icon

Staple Gun Icon

Stencil  Icon

Stencil Icon

Tape Measure  Icon

Tape Measure Icon

Tarp  Icon

Tarp Icon

Tool Pouch  Icon

Tool Pouch Icon

Toolbox  Icon

Toolbox Icon

Trowel  Icon

Trowel Icon

Utility Knife  Icon

Utility Knife Icon

Vacuum Cleaner  Icon

Vacuum Cleaner Icon

Wall Tiles  Icon

Wall Tiles Icon

Wallpaper  Icon

Wallpaper Icon

Wheelbarrow  Icon

Wheelbarrow Icon

Window Frame  Icon

Window Frame Icon

Wire Cutters  Icon

Wire Cutters Icon

Work Belt  Icon

Work Belt Icon

Yard  Icon

Yard Icon

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