Framing Icon Pack

50 Icons

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Apple  Icon

Apple Icon

Barn  Icon

Barn Icon

Bench  Icon

Bench Icon

Boots  Icon

Boots Icon

Bucket  Icon

Bucket Icon

Carrot  Icon

Carrot Icon

Chicken  Icon

Chicken Icon

Corn  Icon

Corn Icon

Cow  Icon

Cow Icon

Digging  Icon

Digging Icon

Draw Well  Icon

Draw Well Icon

Eggs  Icon

Eggs Icon

Farmer  Icon

Farmer Icon

Fence  Icon

Fence Icon

Fertilizer  Icon

Fertilizer Icon

Fields  Icon

Fields Icon

Fork  Icon

Fork Icon

Glove  Icon

Glove Icon

Goat  Icon

Goat Icon

Harvest  Icon

Harvest Icon

Hoe  Icon

Hoe Icon

Horse Shoe  Icon

Horse Shoe Icon

Jam  Icon

Jam Icon

Lawn Mower  Icon

Lawn Mower Icon

Leaf Blower  Icon

Leaf Blower Icon

Lettuce  Icon

Lettuce Icon

Milk  Icon

Milk Icon

Pesticide  Icon

Pesticide Icon

Pig  Icon

Pig Icon

Rake  Icon

Rake Icon

Scarecrow  Icon

Scarecrow Icon

Scythe  Icon

Scythe Icon

Seed Bag  Icon

Seed Bag Icon

Shears  Icon

Shears Icon

Sheep  Icon

Sheep Icon

Shovel  Icon

Shovel Icon

Sickle  Icon

Sickle Icon

Silo  Icon

Silo Icon

Sprinkler  Icon

Sprinkler Icon

Sun  Icon

Sun Icon

Sunflower  Icon

Sunflower Icon

Tomato  Icon

Tomato Icon

Tractor  Icon

Tractor Icon

Truck  Icon

Truck Icon

Water Hose  Icon

Water Hose Icon

Water Tower  Icon

Water Tower Icon

Watering Can  Icon

Watering Can Icon

Wheat  Icon

Wheat Icon

Wheelbarrow  Icon

Wheelbarrow Icon

Windmill  Icon

Windmill Icon

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