Therapy Icon Pack

50 Icons
Pack ID: 32545
Download in svg, png formats
Available in Colored Outline Style
Accupunture  Icon

Accupunture Icon

Alternative Medicine  Icon

Alternative Medicine Icon

Apitherapy  Icon

Apitherapy Icon

Aromatherapy  Icon

Aromatherapy Icon

Art Therapy  Icon

Art Therapy Icon

Back Body  Icon

Back Body Icon

Bathrope  Icon

Bathrope Icon

Bed  Icon

Bed Icon

Candle  Icon

Candle Icon

Candles  Icon

Candles Icon

Cream  Icon

Cream Icon

Crutch  Icon

Crutch Icon

Cupping  Icon

Cupping Icon

Drugs  Icon

Drugs Icon

Electricity Therapy  Icon

Electricity Therapy Icon

Essential Oil  Icon

Essential Oil Icon

Exercise  Icon

Exercise Icon

Face Mask  Icon

Face Mask Icon

Fish Therapy  Icon

Fish Therapy Icon

Foot Theraphy  Icon

Foot Theraphy Icon

Fungi  Icon

Fungi Icon

Ginseng  Icon

Ginseng Icon

Herbs  Icon

Herbs Icon

Honey  Icon

Honey Icon

Hospital  Icon

Hospital Icon

Hot Stones  Icon

Hot Stones Icon

Hypnosis  Icon

Hypnosis Icon

Incense  Icon

Incense Icon

Juice  Icon

Juice Icon

Lotus  Icon

Lotus Icon

Massage  Icon

Massage Icon

Medical Prescription  Icon

Medical Prescription Icon

Mental  Icon

Mental Icon

Mesotherapy  Icon

Mesotherapy Icon

Mortar  Icon

Mortar Icon

Music Therapy  Icon

Music Therapy Icon

No Food  Icon

No Food Icon

Oil  Icon

Oil Icon

Oxygen Tank  Icon

Oxygen Tank Icon

Reflexology  Icon

Reflexology Icon

Sauna  Icon

Sauna Icon

Sleep  Icon

Sleep Icon

Slumber  Icon

Slumber Icon

Spa  Icon

Spa Icon

Teapot  Icon

Teapot Icon

Therapist  Icon

Therapist Icon

Therapy Book  Icon

Therapy Book Icon

Towel  Icon

Towel Icon

Yin Yang  Icon

Yin Yang Icon

Yoga  Icon

Yoga Icon

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