Disorder Icon Pack

65 Icons

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Man Addict Smoking Icon

Addiction Icon

Violence Fight Angry Icon

Aggression Icon

Alcoholic Addiction Alcohol Icon

Alcohol Addiction Icon

Pet Wildlife Nature Icon

Animal Hoarding Icon

Disorder Problems Sad Icon

Anorexia Nervosa Icon

Anxiety Health Mental Icon

Anxiety Disorder Icon

Fatigue Codependency Egomania Icon

Apathy Icon

Sad Frustrated Disorder Icon

Auditory Hallucination Icon

Stress Depression Mental Health Icon

Avoidant Personality Disorder Icon

Stress Disorder Addict Icon

Binge Eating Icon

Depression Disorder Mental Disorder Icon

Bipolar Disorder Icon

Education Book Study Icon

Book Hoarding Icon

Bulimia Healthcare Bathroom Icon

Bulimia Nervosa Icon

Man Kid Little Icon

Childhood Abuse Icon

Work Frustrated Businessman Icon

Childhood Depression Icon

Man Arm Problem Icon

Choking Feeling Icon

Thinking Mind Brain Icon

Cognitive Distortion Icon

Disorder Finger Angry Icon

Compulsive Hoarding Icon

Discussion Consultation Conversation Icon

Confabulation Icon

Mental Stress Schizophrenia Icon

Delusion Icon

Personality Disorder Abuse Harassment Icon

Dependent Personality Disorder Icon

Disorder Depression Mental Icon

Depersonalization Icon

Stress Sad Man Icon

Depression Icon

Problem Man Stress Icon

Derealization Icon

Gear Tool Money Icon

Dissociation Icon

Addiction Drug Addict Icon

Drug Addiction Icon

Health Healthcare Disorder Icon

Eating Disorder Icon

False Memory Mind Person Icon

False Memory Icon

Fear Phobia Acrophobia Icon

Fear Of Heights Icon

Illness Fear Of Snakes Treatment Icon

Fear Of Snakes Icon

Fear People Phobia Icon

Fear Of Spiders Icon

War Label Search Icon

Fight Flight Icon

Gambling Gambler Risk Icon

Gambling Addiction Icon

Depression Egoistic Ego Icon

Grandiosity Icon

Emotion Anxiety Delight Icon

Guilt Icon

Disabled Association Weight Lose Icon

Hallucination Icon

Psychology Stress Man Icon

Histrionic Personality Disorder Icon

Frustration Male Man Icon

Hopelessness Icon

Inefficient Incompetent Inept Icon

Irrationality Icon

Shopping Bag Price Tag Icon

Kleptomania Icon

Halloween Scary Ghost Icon

Malignant Narcissism Icon

Sad Expression Emotion Icon

Melancholia Icon

Mental Mental Health Health Icon

Mental Disorder Icon

Depression Depressed Sadness Icon

Mood Disorder Icon

Stress Photo Young Icon

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Icon

No Food No Eating Lose Of Appetite Icon

No Appetite Icon

Stress Depression Health Icon

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder Icon

Panic Anxiety Stress Icon

Panic Attack Icon

Mental Health Disorder Mental Illness Icon

Paranoia Icon

Mental Disorder Sleepy Icon

Paranoid Icon

Man Business Angry Icon

Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder Icon

Depression Bipolar Disorder Disorder Icon

Personality Disorder Icon

Fear Anxiety People Icon

Phobia Icon

Disorder Eating Disorder Eating Paint Icon

Pica Icon

People Life Depression Icon

Psychopathology Icon

Character Examine Dyslexia Icon

Psychosis Icon

Psychology Stress Man Icon

Sadistic Personality Disorder Icon

Depression Bipolar Disorder Disorder Icon

Schizoid Personality Disorder Icon

Mental Disorder Depression Icon

Schizophrenia Icon

Stress Psychology Man Icon

Schizotypal Personality Disorder Icon

Suicide Cutter Cut Icon

Self Harm Icon

Crying Fear Depression Icon

Self Importance Icon

Hand Handshake Business Icon

Shaking Icon

Bacteria Infection Asthma Icon

Shortness Of Breath Icon

Man Sad Business Icon

Stress Icon

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