Dessert And Sweet Icon Pack

60 Icons

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Colored Outline Style
Apple pie  Icon

Apple Pie Icon

Blueberry pie  Icon

Blueberry Pie Icon

Bread loaf  Icon

Bread Loaf Icon

Brioche  Icon

Brioche Icon

Brownie  Icon

Brownie Icon

Bundt cake  Icon

Bundt Cake Icon

Butter toast  Icon

Butter Toast Icon

Cake  Icon

Cake Icon

Cake  Icon

Cake Icon

Candy  Icon

Candy Icon

Candy apple  Icon

Candy Apple Icon

Cheesecake  Icon

Cheesecake Icon

Chewing gum  Icon

Chewing Gum Icon

Choco ball  Icon

Choco Ball Icon

Chocolate bar  Icon

Chocolate Bar Icon

Churros  Icon

Churros Icon

Cookies  Icon

Cookies Icon

Cotton candy  Icon

Cotton Candy Icon

Cracker  Icon

Cracker Icon

Crepe  Icon

Crepe Icon

Crepe  Icon

Crepe Icon

Croissant  Icon

Croissant Icon

Cupcake  Icon

Cupcake Icon

Daifuku  Icon

Daifuku Icon

Dango  Icon

Dango Icon

Donut  Icon

Donut Icon

Fondue  Icon

Fondue Icon

French toast  Icon

French Toast Icon

Granola bar  Icon

Granola Bar Icon

Ice cream cone  Icon

Ice Cream Cone Icon

Jelly  Icon

Jelly Icon

Jelly bean  Icon

Jelly Bean Icon

Lava cake  Icon

Lava Cake Icon

Macaron  Icon

Macaron Icon

Marshmallow  Icon

Marshmallow Icon

Marshmallow  Icon

Marshmallow Icon

Pancake  Icon

Pancake Icon

Panna cotta  Icon

Panna Cotta Icon

Parfait  Icon

Parfait Icon

Pie  Icon

Pie Icon

Poached pear  Icon

Poached Pear Icon

Popcorn  Icon

Popcorn Icon

Popsicle  Icon

Popsicle Icon

Potato chips  Icon

Potato Chips Icon

Pretzel  Icon

Pretzel Icon

Pudding  Icon

Pudding Icon

Pumpkin pie  Icon

Pumpkin Pie Icon

Raspberry pie  Icon

Raspberry Pie Icon

Roll cake  Icon

Roll Cake Icon

Scone  Icon

Scone Icon

Shaved ice  Icon

Shaved Ice Icon

Shortcake  Icon

Shortcake Icon

Soft serve  Icon

Soft Serve Icon

Strawberry dip  Icon

Strawberry Dip Icon

Sundae  Icon

Sundae Icon

Sweet potato  Icon

Sweet Potato Icon

Tart  Icon

Tart Icon

Tiramisu  Icon

Tiramisu Icon

Truffle  Icon

Truffle Icon

Waffle  Icon

Waffle Icon

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