Architecture Icon Pack

50 Icons

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Airport  Icon

Airport Icon

Apartment  Icon

Apartment Icon

Architec  Icon

Architec Icon

Architect Student  Icon

Architect Student Icon

Bank  Icon

Bank Icon

Barrier  Icon

Barrier Icon

Blueprint  Icon

Blueprint Icon

Brick  Icon

Brick Icon

Bridge  Icon

Bridge Icon

Ccertificate  Icon

Ccertificate Icon

Cement  Icon

Cement Icon

Church  Icon

Church Icon

City Hall  Icon

City Hall Icon

Compass  Icon

Compass Icon

Concrete Wheelbarrow  Icon

Concrete Wheelbarrow Icon

Cone  Icon

Cone Icon

Construction  Icon

Construction Icon

Construction Helmet  Icon

Construction Helmet Icon

Crane  Icon

Crane Icon

Door  Icon

Door Icon

Drawing Board  Icon

Drawing Board Icon

Fence  Icon

Fence Icon

Floor  Icon

Floor Icon

Gas Station  Icon

Gas Station Icon

Hammer  Icon

Hammer Icon

Home Planning  Icon

Home Planning Icon

Home Structure  Icon

Home Structure Icon

House  Icon

House Icon

House Repair  Icon

House Repair Icon

Idea  Icon

Idea Icon

Measurement Tape  Icon

Measurement Tape Icon

Museum  Icon

Museum Icon

Paint  Icon

Paint Icon

Paint Roller  Icon

Paint Roller Icon

Parquet  Icon

Parquet Icon

Pillar  Icon

Pillar Icon

Platter  Icon

Platter Icon

Plumbing  Icon

Plumbing Icon

Police Station  Icon

Police Station Icon

Project  Icon

Project Icon

Roof  Icon

Roof Icon

Rulers  Icon

Rulers Icon

School  Icon

School Icon

Screw  Icon

Screw Icon

Software  Icon

Software Icon

Stair  Icon

Stair Icon

Under Construction  Icon

Under Construction Icon

Vest  Icon

Vest Icon

Wood Barrier  Icon

Wood Barrier Icon

Worker  Icon

Worker Icon

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