Avatar Icon Pack

50 Icons
Pack ID: 34573
Download in svg, png formats
Available in Gradient Style
Astronaut  Icon

Astronaut Icon

Athlete  Icon

Athlete Icon

Builder  Icon

Builder Icon

Businessman  Icon

Businessman Icon

Captain  Icon

Captain Icon

Chef  Icon

Chef Icon

Chemist  Icon

Chemist Icon

Clown  Icon

Clown Icon

Concierge  Icon

Concierge Icon

Cooker  Icon

Cooker Icon

Cowboy  Icon

Cowboy Icon

Dentist  Icon

Dentist Icon

Detective  Icon

Detective Icon

Diver  Icon

Diver Icon

Dj  Icon

Dj Icon

Doctor  Icon

Doctor Icon

Engineer  Icon

Engineer Icon

Farmer  Icon

Farmer Icon

Firefighter  Icon

Firefighter Icon

Gardener  Icon

Gardener Icon

Judge  Icon

Judge Icon

Lumbberjack  Icon

Lumbberjack Icon

Magician  Icon

Magician Icon

Maid  Icon

Maid Icon

Manager  Icon

Manager Icon

Miner  Icon

Miner Icon

Motorcyclist  Icon

Motorcyclist Icon

Nurse  Icon

Nurse Icon

Painter  Icon

Painter Icon

Pilot  Icon

Pilot Icon

Pirate  Icon

Pirate Icon

Plumber  Icon

Plumber Icon

Policeman  Icon

Policeman Icon

Postman  Icon

Postman Icon

Priest  Icon

Priest Icon

Professor  Icon

Professor Icon

Sailor  Icon

Sailor Icon

Scientist  Icon

Scientist Icon

Sheriff  Icon

Sheriff Icon

Singer  Icon

Singer Icon

Soldier  Icon

Soldier Icon

Stewardess  Icon

Stewardess Icon

Support  Icon

Support Icon

Surgeon  Icon

Surgeon Icon

Swat  Icon

Swat Icon

Taxi Driver  Icon

Taxi Driver Icon

Teacher  Icon

Teacher Icon

Thief  Icon

Thief Icon

Waiter  Icon

Waiter Icon

Welder  Icon

Welder Icon

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