Lottie Animations are now available on Iconscout

We are here for the most-awaited news which we all have been excited about so what are you waiting for go on scroll down!

Lottie Animations are now available on Iconscout

Iconscout announced in late February about LottieFiles's acquiring Iconscout. We have been working every day to bring the much-awaited assets to Iconscout. Yes, you heard it right; finally, Lottie Animations are now live on Iconscout.

With our first quarter giving us some excellent results, we are more than happy to bring yet another good news for you guys! So if you are as clueless as we were, let us take this opportunity to tell you all about Lottie. From what to how we have all that you need to know. So what are we waiting for? Let's begin!

What is Lottie?

Talking in technical terms, a Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that makes shipping animations possible for designers on all platforms as quickly as other assets. These are small files compared to other forms that work on all devices.

Let's break it down into an easy form of visualized representation. If a PNG is a T-Rex dinosaur, and a GIF is an elephant, then a Lottie is a small adorable puppy. Open source or even free Lottie player for web, iOS, Android, Windows, and many other platforms. The size of a Lottie Animation helps increase the download speed and reduces the amount of disk space utilized. They are small files that have excellent resolution without the animation getting stretched.

A Lottie animation can allow you to play your animation on the web or mobile devices while still maintaining high quality. It can also enable smart settings that will allow your animation to be interactive.

How can you use Lottie?

You can import and preview your Lottie animation before using them in your projects, and it will generate the lines of code on its own, which is very helpful for your projects. Here is an alternative way, you can download Lottie animations from our website then use them as per your wish and will.

You can even use Lottie Animation on basically any platform you name it, and it is possible on that platform. You must be wondering what this means; you can now integrate these very easily into both applications and web pages, and websites. Lottie animations can be used from emojis to homepage backgrounds. It isn't limited to one platform. You could extend its use as apple watch faces now too. Doesn't it sound exciting!

Here are some of the advantages of Lottie animations:

  1. It is a multi-platform animation. You can use Lottie files on different platforms without modifying anything.
  2. It guarantees 100% resolution and scalability.
  3. Its file size is tiny.
  4. Allows mixing of various vector elements in the animation.
  5. You can animate the vector elements that you have added and personalized them.

For Contributors

For all our contributors out there, this is the chance to create Lottie Animations and amaze the world. If you have always dreamed of making animations well, this is the best time of all! Now you can become a contributor and create fantastic animation, and we will have them up and running. Let the world see the wonderful creations.

Become Iconscout contributor

We have many more tools for Lottie animations as well, so do make sure to stay tuned! Have you tried out any of Lottie's animations in your project? If not, go right now and let us know in our comments section below your experience! You can even tweet or Instagram us on Iconscout!

Start exploring Lottie Animations on Iconscout!

We hope you find perfect inspiration and use these fantastic animations from these beautiful creations. Also, don't forget to share and subscribe! You can check Iconscout to download from Millions of icons, illustrations, 3D Assets, and Lottie Animations. We have a massive collection of assets! We will be back with another exciting topic soon.

Till then, Happy Designing!

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