Introducing IconScout’s New Royalty Model

IconScout contributors can get up to 70% royalty from premium subscriptions and 40% royalty from API sales.

Introducing IconScout’s New Royalty Model

From the moment IconScout was launched in 2016, we have embraced our identity as a contributor-driven marketplace. Today, our community has over 4,000+ talented contributors, some of whom have been with us since the beginning, a testament to the trust we have built.

Throughout the years, we've had the pleasure of working with an incredibly diverse array of talented designers worldwide. The IconScout brand is not only a reflection of our team's dedication but also the everlasting commitment and hard work of our contributors. With them, IconScout will be the well-known global brand it is now.

Changes in royalty distribution

At the start of our journey, we offered a 70% royalty to show our gratitude and support for our growing community of designers for their amazing creations. We still highly value their hard work, and this royalty rate remains unchanged. However, as we continue to evolve, we are excited to announce a new tier royalty model.

This dynamic approach seeks to empower our contributors by offering new opportunities to maximize earnings. We want to encourage our contributors to produce and upload more high-quality design assets to IconScout, which increases their potential for downloads and earnings. At the same time, it ensures a viable and sustainable platform for the long term.

Our new royalty model is based on a tiered system with various levels or hierarchies, directly linked to the total number of premium downloads a contributor achieves in a particular month. Please note, all these downloads will be of the premium assets. The system is designed to reward engagement - the more you contribute, the more you stand to earn. The table below outlines the tiers and associated royalty rates:

The total number of downloads determines the tier divisions for a particular month. This includes icons, illustrations, 3D illustrations and Lottie animation.

Our top-tier 70% royalty rate continues to reflect our unwavering commitment to valuing and rewarding our hard-working and creative contributors. In addition to the royalties from premium assets, contributors who have their premium assets downloaded through the API within a given month will also receive a 40% royalty from API sales.

Design assets over the years

Thanks to the incredible efforts of our contributors, we've elevated our design assets to new heights. In 2022 alone, we've uploaded over 1.8 million assets, and our collection has since grown to over 6.4 million assets as of May 2023. This incredible growth marks a remarkable journey from our humble beginnings.

Our community has shared stunning contributions, from realistic and imaginative icons to eye-catching vector illustrations and 3D illustrations and captivating Lottie animations. Check it out and be inspired to create your own design!

Join our community and be a contributor. Remember, the more your design assets are downloaded, the more you earn with IconScout. Get started today!

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