Iconscout Reward Program: Full Story

Our community is what builds us, and Iconscout Reward Program is the embodiment of that idea! 135+ contributors, 20 winners, 1500+ exclusive assets. Here's the full story behind Iconscout Reward Program.

Iconscout Reward Program: Full Story

Hello to the incredible community of Iconscout. By now, many of you are already aware of the term Exclusive Assets. Our previous blog in this series celebrated the exceptional work that our talented contributors from around the world had done to contribute to the Iconscout Reward Program: Exclusive Assets. Today, we will celebrate all the hard work our teams have put in to make this contributor competition a success.

Iconscout Reward Program: The Idea

Our teams had been conceptualizing an event for some time now. An event that engages us with our community, gives a platform to our contributors and adds immense value to all the users who use the Iconscout repository for various types of design assets! An event that is driven by the community. And thus, the idea of a Contributor Competition to add Exclusive Assets to our already colossal repository of Illustrations and 3D Designs came into formation.

Iconscout Reward Program - Decision Making

We named it the Iconscout Reward Program because we decided to reward our community of talented contributors for creating one of the largest collections of Exclusive Assets. There was no looking back once we put our minds to it and drafted the idea around this. The rest followed in such organic progression that it still brings a wide grin on our faces when we look back at the journey.

Kicking Off Iconscout Reward Program

On June 15th, 2021, we shared the invitation with our contributors. And in the first 2-3 days, we had more than 50 contributor entries already. We were pleasantly shocked because although we had a plan, we did not have any set expectations of the response to get. This initial thrust gave us the belief that we were on to something. In the week that followed, we received more than 135 entries from design contributors worldwide. We were now more than surprised! This kind of response from our community in a short time was overwhelming, in a good way! From the first week itself, we started receiving a steady flow of entries from our contributors. And the number of entries only kept growing!

Kicking Off Iconscout Reward Program

Play by the rules of Iconscout Reward Program

We set up some straightforward guidelines for our design contributors and some rules for the competition as well. In a nutshell, here are the details:

  • The participant must be an existing contributor with Iconscout and have approved assets on Iconscout
  • The contributors must create 3D Designs or Illustrations or both to participate
  • These assets must be live on the Iconscout website and must be exclusive to Iconscout
  • These assets must be uploaded to a bundle named Iconscout Exclusive
  • The contributors could send their entries between June 16th and July 15th, 2021
Play by the rules of Iconscout Reward Program

Design Guidelines for Iconscout Reward Program

We have always believed in catering to our users and community only with the highest quality design assets. With this in mind, our team set the bar high and evaluated all the entries with great scrutiny. Here are the guidelines:

  • The design entries must be unique concepts and must not be a mere recreation of an existing design
  • The 3D Designs must have a very high rendering quality, and the Illustrations must present unique storytelling
  • The criteria for an eligible submission are - minimum of 75 3D Designs or 100 Illustrations. If both 3D Designs and Illustrations are submitted, a minimum of 80 for each is required
  • For 3D Designs, uploading any source files, i.e., .blend, .obj, .psd, or .c4d, and transparent PNGs for all assets was mandatory. For vectors, uploading AI, EPS, and SVG along with transparent PNGs was a must

Iconscout Reward Program: Exclusive Asset Categories

To ensure that our Exclusive Assets cover all the most sought after categories, we suggested our contributors build assets related to the below categories:

Iconscout Reward Program: The Outcome

Every single asset we received was top-notch, making our judges' job more difficult. Our panel of judges meticulously perused more than 2500 design assets, paying great focus to each of the parameters to assess entries from more than 135 contributors. After a month-long journey of going through every single asset, 20 contributors emerged on the top. These contributors met all the checks and fulfilled the desired standards.

Iconscout Reward Program: The Outcome

We rewarder our winners and contributors with the following:

  • A total reward of $20000 distributed amongst our winner
  • All contributors to receive 70% royalty of every sale made for their exclusive assets
Iconscout Reward Program

To us, this entire journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. We learned how strong our community is, how much our contributors trust Iconscout as a platform that they put in so much hard work to create and showcase their designs, and how committed our team is to deliver every idea like it is a golden ticket. When it comes to Iconscout Reward Program, it proved to be a golden idea!

How was your experience of the Iconscout Reward Program? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Until then, happy designing!

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