Iconscout Product Update: What's new from July'21

This blog is filled with exciting new updates, and some shocking new assets as well. So go on reading further to know what you are missing out on. I am sure you guys must be curious!

Iconscout Product Update: What's new from July'21

We are halfway through 2021. July is the start of the third quarter, and we are thrilled to show you all new updates and products stored in line for you all. We have been working around the clock brainstorming ideas and making these into reality. Especially with the Tokyo Olympics happening, we have something new and different for you all this time! The adrenalin in us getting rushed seeing the competitors fighting so hard for victory.

No doubt we have been able to deliver all these new updates with the continuous effort of our team. So, What are you waiting for? Scroll down to find out. You should check out our website; you will find many more exciting assets there.

Olympics Assets

With people all around following the Olympics so closely, how would our contributors not be one of them? Our contributor's found an exciting way of contributing to the Olympics as well. They have created these fantastic assets around the athletes and the sports in the Olympics. Yes, you heard it right, assets that too on Olympics for you all, our dear Iconscout users.

From icons, illustrations to 3Ds and Lottie animations, we have it all. For your convenience, we have compiled all the Olympic Design Resources for you in a single place. There are some exclusive assets pack among these as well especially created by our contributors for you. Here is a slight glimpse of what all is there in store for you. Now that you know about it, do not wait. Explore now!

Growing the Assets library

We upload thousands of assets every day, and our content team is working hard to make that number into lakhs. You will be amazed at the styles and variety we have and are getting uploaded as you read. You will love them, that is our guarantee.

We make sure that we have different types of assets from all sorts of categories and themes each month. Last month, we uploaded 108K+ Design Assets.

July's top downloaded categories: Business, User interface, SEO & Web, School & Education, Sign & Symbol, People, etc. Listing down the top contributors of July: uigo, Thai Hoang, and IconsX. They sure have very different styles of creating assets, but they are exceptional in themselves.

Exclusive Assets

What! are these the new exclusive assets! Here is just a glimpse of what we have updated for you each week. If you did not know about these, we are here to keep you informed for this only. Well, our exclusive assets vary depending on the category you want to explore. Aren't they adorable? Let me tell say this, you not be disappointed at all. These assets are available in a variety of file formats. These are high-resolution and configurations that you can use anywhere you desire.

That's all for July. In the comment section below, let us know which update made you the most excited and what more you would like to see on Iconscout! In the meantime, do not forget to explore our exclusive assets, which keep on changing every week. See you next time!

Explore Exclusive Assets

We hope you try these out and have fun. Also, don't forget to share and subscribe! You can check Iconscout to download from Millions of icons, illustrations, 3D Assets, and Lottie Animations. We have a massive collection of assets! We will be back with another exciting topic soon.

Till then, Happy Designing!

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