How Iconscout helped 10,000+ students with GitHub Student Pack

With our collaboration with GitHub, we have helped more than 10,000+ students with our premium icons, illustrations, and stock photos.

How Iconscout helped 10,000+ students with GitHub Student Pack

It's been more than a year since we've partnered with GitHub and one thing we can say from the very beginning is that this partnership is one of the most fulfilled to date. One of the early steps we took after launching Iconscout in 2016 was to help students and startups by providing our premium resources for free so that they can use it in their school/college projects or building initial products.

When GitHub came up with their Student Developer Pack in 2019 and asked us if we wanted to be part of it? YES was our immediate reaction! Since then, with our large library of 2 million+ icons, illustrations, and stock photos we've been supporting more than 10,000 students.

To celebrate this special milestone, here we're writing the process, and some of the accomplishments we've got with GitHub, get a read!

GitHub Student Developer Pack ğŸŽ’

As students, when you're at your learning stage, you always strive for experience, opportunities, and some platforms through which you can gain practical knowledge. GitHub Education is a forum that provides real-world students with free access to various developer tools. From Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure to tools like Iconscout and Canva, the GitHub Education Pack covers all of them. These tools can help students improve their study projects or whether they are working on some ideas.

Iconscout + GitHub collaboration 🤝

At Iconscout, we use GitHub for our daily development related work, but our relationship with GitHub goes back a long way before we even launched our platform. I have been using the platform for years.

This storey goes back when I was a student I used to search for the best quality tools, until the day I was still doing it. At that time, when I was in the middle of my quest, when I came across this Microsoft Dream Spark software that provided access to Microsoft's Developing Tools, I wondered if any other company had provided such tools. I got to know about this GitHub student programme from Dream Spark, and it was really easy to understand the process. I was able to quickly access their software with my student ID. I've been using it for almost two years.

Benefits Iconscout is providing to the students 📦

In the pack, student gets an access to our library of 200K+ icons, 1.5K+ illustrations, and 10K+ stock photos.

Our aim is to help the students as much as possible and exclusively for this we have partnered with more than 50 contributors to provide their premium resources for free. These assets ranges in 40+ different categories. Either they are creating projects around Science and Technologies or Sports and Games, we got them covered.

Along with these assets, students can even get hold of 'Unicons', Iconscout's very own icon library. There are more than 1100+ free icons available in Line style which can be downloaded totally for free.

Requirements and Application

To get hold of the program you first need to create your account on GitHub. With your Student ID or University ID you can create your student account. Once it is approved, you simply need to create account on Iconscout and then connect it with GitHub to lets you get access to thousands of these resources.

Once you connect the account, you can start downloading assets from the platform. You can also download Iconscout Plugins and Desktop App and use the service from there as well. With plugins, you can access all the resources right inside your favorite tools. You can also manage your Likes and Downloads from the Dashboard itself.  

Impact 🚀

More than 12,500+ students has signed up for this program till now and we are getting hundreds of new registrations everyday. These students are from 100+ different countries with highest number of students from USA followed by Canada, Indonesia, India, Turkey, etc. to count few. They have downloaded more than 500K+ items in total and we hope that with more downloads we are able to help all those students more in their work.

You can use them for all your presentations, projects, coding etc.

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We will be back with another interview soon. Till then Happy Designing!

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