Iconscout acquired by LottieFiles

This acquisition brings us one step closer to accomplishing our mission to create the largest design ecosystem that helps bring apps and platforms to life with incredible assets. We're very excited to start this new chapter.

Iconscout acquired by LottieFiles

Today, I'm thrilled to announce that Iconscout has been acquired by LottieFiles, the largest platform around the file format Lottie.

We have known the team behind LottieFiles for a while now and have been working closely together to advance our mission to create the largest design ecosystem that helps bring apps and platforms to life with incredible assets.

The majority of today's most-downloaded apps now use the Lottie format for their motion graphics due to its lightweight file size, which is over 600% smaller than traditional GIF files. LottieFiles platform is the go-to place for tools, editors, resources, integrations, and all things Lottie. It has also become one of the most extensive design and developer communities globally.

We saw this as a natural evolution to shaping Iconscout and its core platform. We are grateful to our community, our users, and marketplace contributors for their love and support. A special thanks to Kshitij, Nattu, and the LottieFiles team for welcoming us and helping us take our vision to a new level.

For Iconscout Users and Contributors:

  1. Iconscout will continue to live and thrive as an independent platform, and we will work towards making your experience even better. You might have already noticed a few changes with the new look and tools on the platform.
  2. For all Contributors of the Iconscout Marketplace, this means broader reach for your creators to all LottieFiles users and enterprises that are always on the lookout for incredible creative assets. Thank you for your fantastic work; we will do our absolute best to boost your earnings, reach more users on your behalf, enhance the buying process, and continuously reach out to you with specific requirements. Upwards and onwards.

For LottieFiles Users and Contributors

  1. With Iconscout, You now have access to one of the largest collections of design assets; over 2.2 Million icons, illustrations, 3d graphics, with more assets added each week. We will soon be bringing the Lottie marketplace to this mix; this means a more premium selection and choice of assets to play with, learn from, and re-use.
  2. For sellers and contributors of the LottieFiles marketplace, this means an even bigger reach, exposure, and introducing Lottie to many new users. On a more personal note, we would like to express our genuine appreciation to every contributor who made Lottie Marketplace possible.
  3. Iconscout also comes packed with a wide range of tools, integrations, and plugins for the most popular platforms, including Adobe, Sketch, Figma, and many more.

New year, new beginnings. LottieFiles, let's conquer the world together!

We're very excited to start this chapter, and we once again would like to thank the entire Iconscout team and our incredible community :)

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