Designer Interview: Ubaid El-Ahyar Alyafizi

Ubaid El-Ahyar Alyafizi is a full-time freelancer, 3D illustrator, graphic designer, and one of the winners of the Iconscout Reward Program!

Designer Interview: Ubaid El-Ahyar Alyafizi

Tell us about your role and what you do.

Hello guys, my name is Ubaid El-Ahyar Alyafizi, owner of The Halal Design Studio, the small studio where I am. I work from home as a full-time freelancer, 3D illustrator and graphic designer. Currently I prefer to make 3D artworks more than 2D artworks. And I'm interested in new things, I'm going to try to learn things related to 3D artwork so that it can improve my abilities.  

What is your primary source of inspiration, and what is your creative process in creating these awesome, fun designs? How would you describe your style?

I used to find inspiration around 3D design on Instagram by following Instagram accounts that are in the field of 3D design, especially those with a good portfolio. And sometimes I look for inspiration through Google search or Pinterest. And for style design, honestly I still do not have a patent design style, I still need to learn more so that later it appears characteristic in my artwork.

What type of software and design tools do you use?

I use Blender to create 3D artwork. There are various 3D software, but I prefer to use Blender because it is very powerful and of course FREE FOREVER. And after the rendering process, sometimes I use Affinity Photo to convert the render file into a PSD file.

The Halal Design Studio workspace

What advice would you give designers from the Iconscout community?

Hello friends, stay passionate in your work, make Iconscout a place to show your best artworks. It's a huge opportunity for us as designers to show our artwork to the world. We are competing in a healthy way to give the best for users around the world. Don't miss this very good opportunity.

How can people find you and get connected? Do you have a Dribble or Instagram page where people can reach out to you?

You can follow my social media accounts below:

If you were to pick your most favorite asset on Iconscout, what would it be?

Actually I love all my artwork. But some of the following artworks in my opinion are one of my best artworks among other best artworks. However, the most entitled to judge my artwork is someone else... ?

E-Commerce & Online Shopping 3D Illustration Pack
"E-Commerce & Online Shopping 3D Illustration Pack" by The Halal Design Studio
Rupee Coin 3D Illustration Pack
"Rupee Coin 3D Illustration Pack" by The Halal Design Studio
Rupee Coin 3D Illustration Pack
"Rupee Coin 3D Illustration Pack" by The Halal Design Studio

What do you love most about Iconscout?

Iconscout has tools/plugins for many applications that are not owned by other marketplaces, a convenient contributor dashboard interface, and very friendly service from its members.

What are your thoughts on the members and culture of the Iconscout team?

I'm very happy to be working with Iconscout. The members are very friendly, humble, and not rigid when chatting or during discussions. When I have a problem, they respond quickly and can provide a solution for me. I'm very happy and very comfortable, they helped me a lot.

How do you see your future with Iconscout?

Ever since I was selected as one of the winners of the Iconscout Reward Program a few months ago, I've seen a huge opportunity to contribute to Iconscout. Many people don't know Iconscout. However, over time, I saw Iconscout as having a very significant progress into a great marketplace. I'm very happy to be a part of Iconscout and always trying to give my best. I hope this cooperation continues to run well and smoothly in the long term. I feel like Iconscout is stuck in my heart. ?

What are benefits have you seen from uploading your work on Iconscout?

Of course, the advantage for me is to be able to earn income that I can use to provide for my children and wife. Alhamdulillah.  And uploading my artwork in Iconscout motivates me to continue to upgrade my skills every day to become better.

How did Iconscout’s marketplace help accelerate the growth of your work?

Yes, it was very helpful in accelerating the sale of my artwork. Alhamdulillah, as days go by my asset sales are increasing. Big thanks to Iconscout!

What would you like to see more in the future of animation?

I have little knowledge of animation, but I have a great interest in contributing to the field, especially in the simple but useful field of 3D icon animation. I really hope that one day Iconscout can open this opportunity.

Want to be an Iconscout contributor too? Apply to be an Iconscout Contributor here. You can also check out our full collection of 3D illustrations here!

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