Designer Interview: Nut Chanut

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Today for our blog article series Designer Interview we have Nut Chanut with us. Nut is known famously for his company Chanut is industries based in Thailand. Nut has been part of Iconscout for the last three years and been part of the designer industry for so long.

We have asked him questions about his early life on his journey as a designer. How he is managing one of the biggest design community in Thailand. How his passion for illustration made him the designer he is today. Let's know from him his inspiring story.

Hi! Chanut, Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you established your team Chanut is industries?

Hello, My name is Chanut Wongrattana. I am a graphic designer and head coach of “Chanut is industries” I am 29 years old and from Thailand. Chanut is industries was established 5 years ago. Started with vector icons, distributed to many marketplaces, and now making a steady income. Over time we have built a group of skilled designers and created over 10,000 design assets to be sold worldwide.

What made you want to become a designer?

I was really keen on sketching and coloring since I was a boy. It was later to become my hobby. I came across Illustrations when I grew up, and numerous other aspects of it. I was most intrigued by them. I used to create new illustrations and still keep sharing them with my friends, so everyone wait to see my next illustrations. So I noticed that designing illustration wasn't just a hobby but a lot more than that. So I decided to work on that road 15 years ago and I am still doing it.

Tell us a bit about your journey as a designer.

I’m working as a freelancer currently and studying at the same time and I know this career is not easy as it seems. It’s not fun anymore when you make your hobby as a career. After graduation, I started working as an illustrator and 3D modeler and now it has been years since I am hired as an employee. I’m suffering when I have to follow any order and do routine tasks. So I quit my job and invested in a Start-up business with some of my friends.

Flying to San Francisco, USA, We were just some naive children back then so as a result, we failed in just a few years. My last backup plan is to sell a stock product on stockmarket and marketplaces, as I have put all my hope for this.

How would you describe your style?

“Chanut is industries” has a very simple motto for our design concept:

Premium design and unique style

We focus mainly on quality and detail along with a unique style. Such that it is smooth looking yet complicated on its own. Also, so those other designers can’t copy rather they get inspired by it. All the products have been crafted by passion by our designers.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

Designers are always taught to find a solution to the problem. The method a designer goes through to achieve the solution of the question is what inspires them or lead them towards it. You have to find the problem that you need to solve and you can find it in your daily life only. You have to gather information from everywhere, social media, advertising, routine life, global news, design trends, fellow designers, graphic design website, and more to get to it.

What pieces of your work you most proud of and why?

Honestly, I loved all my artworks, but if I have to choose one, I will choose the first minimal icon packs that I made 5 years ago Because they are the first step of “Chanut is industries”. In the design industry, people know it as a Minimal line style icon. I have created a pack of Animals and Birds. This style is very popular because as its name suggests, it represents an object with minimal details. As you can see it doesn't have a lot many elements in it. Just a few strokes to show the exact icon. Some people have a misconception that since it looks very minimal, they are easy to create. But it is completely wrong. More minimal you go, it becomes harder to work on.

What made you want to become a contributor to Iconscout and what are the benefits you received?

Iconscout is an interesting new marketplace established in India. They first get in touch with me in their very early days. I really like the idea and especially their zest to create such a platform from India. Nowadays, India's design and code industry are growing exponentially. They are one-to-watch. They also invited me to become a potential shop of Iconscout, So, I decided to join.

When it comes to benefits, of course, we go for money. But besides that important thing is the network. They have their website as well as Apps and plugins for different tools so it means my designs can reach to the large audience out there.

What advice do you have for future Iconscout contributors?

Same theory to all contributors: researching, creating quality assets, making unique designs, and don’t forget to do marketing. Marketing is one of the key for success. When it comes to social media, Facebook, Instagram are all popular platforms right now. So the main aim is to tag and attract users to your creative assets thus making presence known as a designer and a valuable one in that matter.

What tips would you give to the budding designers?

As I said earlier creating and marketing are the two key points that need to be kept in mind for any designer. Designing is all that matters. Most importantly it is always better to refer to various design platforms like Behance, Pinterest, Dribbble, etc such that the inspiration gets better day by day. It is important to keep oneself updated and keep learning new things so that it can be an addition to the assets as a designer.

Three things you like most about Iconscout?

There are so many things I can say here but I would like to keep it very simple and clear. Here are those things.

  • Friendly community
  • Growth marketplace
  • Made with love from India

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Chanut! If you like his work, visit his profile now by clicking the following link. We will be back with another interview soon.

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Till then Happy Designing!

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