Designer Interview | Ilusiku Studio

Find out what inspires the ace illustration designer, Ilusiku Studio, and his goals in his designing journey in this candid QnA session.

Designer Interview | Ilusiku Studio

A laudable illustration designer in the Iconscout Marketplace and also one of the winners of the Iconscout Reward Program, Ilusiku Studio is known for his unique and detailed illustrations and soothing color schemes. Get to know Ilusiku Studio's unique take on designing and what inspires him in his journey!

Tell us about your role and what you do. What kind of design work does it involve?

Hello all! I am Ambar Riadi, a freelance graphic designer and illustration contributor at Iconscout. I have known design since 2015, at that time, I worked in an office as a graphic designer for the marketing communications division.

I started to focus on freelance work and built a portfolio under the name Ilusiku Studio in 2019. For now, I am still building this portfolio myself. In the future, I want to develop it as a team and into a creative design studio that provides digital assets, especially illustrations. I believe that illustrations, whether realistic, flat, cartoon or even 3D, will still be needed as an element in marketing campaigns in almost any type of business.

I'm currently focusing on making flat illustrations with a cute style, funny characters convey visually through gestures. My goal is to penetrate the digital-based business space because the illustrations can be an element in their design projects on websites, mobile apps, banners, or presentations.

What is your primary source of inspiration? How would you describe your style?

Basically, the designs I make are not only about art but about what the market needs. So I would say that my primary source of inspiration is driven by the users' ongoing needs. I have experience in marketing design. This helps me observe and focus on what businesses need. I started making flat illustrations with a cute style and an apparent gesture and adjusted them to meet what business required.

What type of software and design tools do you use during the designing process? Do you have a particular favorite, and why?

Currently, I'm using Adobe Illustrator, although lately, I like to use Procreate and Adobe Fresco. For me, I feel comfortable taking notes and sketching illustrations, and any tool that gives me that comfort would be my favorite.

What advice would you give to other designers who are in the Iconscout community?

I believe that focus, consistency, and quality of work are essential in being a designer. You will be a great designer when you focus on the goal, be consistent with your style, and create quality work so that you can create the best and unique work. In addition, to get the right market, such as in the marketplace, it's also a good idea to analyze the potential market for the design you are going to make.

If you were to pick your most favorite asset you saw on Iconscout, what would it be?

All designs for me are always fascinating. I like icons because they are simple but meaningful. I also like 3D, which seems unique and modern. And of course, I like illustrations because I can describe what I want to draw, especially if there are moving illustrations, namely Lottie animations. They are fascinating, and I will definitely try to make them.

And for now, my favorite work on Iconscout is my e-commerce illustrations. There are many online shopping platforms nowadays, and my illustrations are suitable for online shop profiles, marketing promotions either through social media or web pages and mobile apps.

What are the three main things you love about Iconscout?

First, the way they communicate. I like it because they are very friendly and communicative. They contact me via email and social media.
Second, I see the development of this website and realize they have ambitions to grow into a large design marketplace. Feature updates and assets such as Lottie animations are very attractive and widely used in UI mobile apps or landing pages.
Third, once again, their attention to the contributors is extraordinary. They give us rewards and royalty percentages up to 70%.

How do you see your future with Iconscout?

I have plans and goals for the Ilusiku Studio project. I think with Iconscout, I get more clarity about what I have to do. I am not confused about when I can make an illustration design and where I have to take my work to get to my buyer.

How can people find you and get connected?

We can use social media platforms to put our design work as a portfolio. I am open to share, support, and doing other things that can build designer creativity. Connect with me on Instagram @ilusikustudio or on my Iconscout Profile.

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