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Get thousands of Lottie animations for Webflow

Add animation to Webflow in just a few clicks. Search for any Lottie animation in the IconScout Desktop App, then drag and drop it into Webflow. You can even set up Lottie animations to react to clicking, hovering and scrolling.

How you can use design assets everywhere

Iconscout comes with integrated tools that enhance and streamline your workflow. Your account comes packed with convenient conversion tools and simplified, powerful editors.

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1. Download Iconscout Desktop App

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2. Search for a design asset

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3. Drag and drop design assets

Thousands of Lottie Animations for Webflow

Delivery On Bicycle Animated Icon

Door Delivery Animated Icon

Gift Card Animated Icon

Packaging For Delivery Animated Icon

Planning An Idea Animated Icon

Featured Asset

Administrative Tasks Automated with Artificial Intelligence Animated Illustration

Featured Asset

Artificial Intelligence and AI-Powered Car Animated Illustration

Featured Asset

AI helps solve difficult problems Animated Illustration

Featured Asset

Artificial Intelligence and AI-Assisted Education Animated Illustration

Featured Asset

Artist's Protest Against Artificial Intelligence Animated Illustration

Featured Asset

Ambulance Animated Icon

Featured Asset

Online Medical Report Animated Icon

Featured Asset

Pills Bottle Animated Icon

Featured Asset

Hospital Animated Icon

Featured Asset

Health Care Animated Icon

Plus, get access to illustration, 3D illustrations and Lottie Animations

Over 8.2 Million+ Icons, Illustrations, 3D, Lottie animations

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Unlock stunning Lottie Animations for your Webflow websites