World Landmarks

World Landmarks Icon Pack

25 Icons
Pack ID: 76590
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Glyph Style
Big Ban  Icon

Big Ban Icon

Borobudur Temple  Icon

Borobudur Temple Icon

China Great Wall  Icon

China Great Wall Icon

Colosseum Rome  Icon

Colosseum Rome Icon

Dubai Hotel  Icon

Dubai Hotel Icon

Eiffel Tower  Icon

Eiffel Tower Icon

Forbidden City  Icon

Forbidden City Icon

Fuji Mount  Icon

Fuji Mount Icon

Golden Bridge  Icon

Golden Bridge Icon

Hagia Sophia  Icon

Hagia Sophia Icon

India Gate  Icon

India Gate Icon

Kaaba  Icon

Kaaba Icon

London Eye  Icon

London Eye Icon

Marina Bay  Icon

Marina Bay Icon

Maya Pyramid  Icon

Maya Pyramid Icon

Moai Statue  Icon

Moai Statue Icon

Pisa Tower  Icon

Pisa Tower Icon

Pura Bali  Icon

Pura Bali Icon

Pyramid Giza  Icon

Pyramid Giza Icon

Sphynx  Icon

Sphynx Icon

Stonehenge  Icon

Stonehenge Icon

Sydney Opera House  Icon

Sydney Opera House Icon

Taj Mahal  Icon

Taj Mahal Icon

Tokyo Tower  Icon

Tokyo Tower Icon

Torii Gate  Icon

Torii Gate Icon

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