Ui Icon Pack

30 Icons

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Line style
Add  Icon

Add Icon

Box  Icon

Box Icon

Calender  Icon

Calender Icon

Free Camera  Icon

Camera Icon

Free Card  Icon

Card Icon

Cart  Icon

Cart Icon

Close  Icon

Close Icon

Compose  Icon

Compose Icon

Down  Icon

Down Icon

Free Home  Icon

Home Icon

Left  Icon

Left Icon

Like  Icon

Like Icon

Link  Icon

Link Icon

Lock  Icon

Lock Icon

Log Out  Icon

Log Out Icon

Message  Icon

Message Icon

More  Icon

More Icon

Notification  Icon

Notification Icon

Profil  Icon

Profil Icon

Qa  Icon

Qa Icon

Recent  Icon

Recent Icon

Rignt  Icon

Rignt Icon

Search  Icon

Search Icon

Seen  Icon

Seen Icon

Setting  Icon

Setting Icon

Stock  Icon

Stock Icon

Truck  Icon

Truck Icon

Unseen  Icon

Unseen Icon

Up  Icon

Up Icon

Upload  Icon

Upload Icon

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