Telemedical Icon Pack

30 Icons

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Gradient Style
Call ambulance  Icon

Call Ambulance Icon

Conference  Icon

Conference Icon

Doctor  Icon

Doctor Icon

Drugs shop  Icon

Drugs Shop Icon

Email  Icon

Email Icon

Emergency call  Icon

Emergency Call Icon

Free Health check  Icon

Health Check Icon

Health info  Icon

Health Info Icon

Heart track  Icon

Heart Track Icon

Hospital web  Icon

Hospital Web Icon

Laptop with stethoscope  Icon

Laptop With Stethoscope Icon

Love  Icon

Love Icon

Medical app login  Icon

Medical App Login Icon

Medical call  Icon

Medical Call Icon

Medical folder  Icon

Medical Folder Icon

Medical report  Icon

Medical Report Icon

Medical report on laptop  Icon

Medical Report On Laptop Icon

Medical service  Icon

Medical Service Icon

Online buying  Icon

Online Buying Icon

Payment  Icon

Payment Icon

Free Payment receipt  Icon

Payment Receipt Icon

Pill  Icon

Pill Icon

Prescription  Icon

Prescription Icon

Schedule  Icon

Schedule Icon

Shop pharmacy  Icon

Shop Pharmacy Icon

Stethoscope  Icon

Stethoscope Icon

Telemedicine  Icon

Telemedicine Icon

Telemedicine on laptop  Icon

Telemedicine On Laptop Icon

Telemedicine video  Icon

Telemedicine Video Icon

Video lesson  Icon

Video Lesson Icon

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