Stationery Icon Pack

36 Icons

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Line Style
Binder  Icon

Binder Icon

Briefcase  Icon

Briefcase Icon

Calculator  Icon

Calculator Icon

Clipboard  Icon

Clipboard Icon

Color Palette  Icon

Color Palette Icon

Crayon  Icon

Crayon Icon

Cutter  Icon

Cutter Icon

Desk  Icon

Desk Icon

Divider  Icon

Divider Icon

Envolope  Icon

Envolope Icon

Eraser  Icon

Eraser Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Glue  Icon

Glue Icon

Highlighter  Icon

Highlighter Icon

Marker  Icon

Marker Icon

Measuring tape  Icon

Measuring Tape Icon

Notebook  Icon

Notebook Icon

Notepad  Icon

Notepad Icon

Paint Brush  Icon

Paint Brush Icon

Paper  Icon

Paper Icon

Paper Clip  Icon

Paper Clip Icon

Pen  Icon

Pen Icon

Pencil  Icon

Pencil Icon

Pencil Holder  Icon

Pencil Holder Icon

Pencil Sharpener  Icon

Pencil Sharpener Icon

Printer  Icon

Printer Icon

Puncher  Icon

Puncher Icon

Pushpin  Icon

Pushpin Icon

Report  Icon

Report Icon

Rubber Stamp  Icon

Rubber Stamp Icon

Ruler  Icon

Ruler Icon

Scissors  Icon

Scissors Icon

Staple Remover  Icon

Staple Remover Icon

Stapler  Icon

Stapler Icon

Sticky Notes  Icon

Sticky Notes Icon

Watercolor Tube  Icon

Watercolor Tube Icon

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