Poverty Icon Pack

50 Icons

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Line Style
Aid  Icon

Aid Icon

Alcoholic  Icon

Alcoholic Icon

Alms  Icon

Alms Icon

Bankruptcy  Icon

Bankruptcy Icon

Beanie  Icon

Beanie Icon

Beggar  Icon

Beggar Icon

Bench  Icon

Bench Icon

Blanket  Icon

Blanket Icon

Bread  Icon

Bread Icon

Container  Icon

Container Icon

Crisis  Icon

Crisis Icon

Crowdfunding  Icon

Crowdfunding Icon

Disabled  Icon

Disabled Icon

Documents  Icon

Documents Icon

Donation  Icon

Donation Icon

Drought  Icon

Drought Icon

Drug  Icon

Drug Icon

Eviction  Icon

Eviction Icon

Fire  Icon

Fire Icon

Flood  Icon

Flood Icon

Food Stall  Icon

Food Stall Icon

Garbage  Icon

Garbage Icon

Help  Icon

Help Icon

Homeless  Icon

Homeless Icon

Hunger  Icon

Hunger Icon

Inequality  Icon

Inequality Icon

Job Search  Icon

Job Search Icon

Man  Icon

Man Icon

Medical  Icon

Medical Icon

No Education  Icon

No Education Icon

No Electricity  Icon

No Electricity Icon

No Food  Icon

No Food Icon

No House  Icon

No House Icon

No Water  Icon

No Water Icon

Orphanage  Icon

Orphanage Icon

Poor  Icon

Poor Icon

Refugee  Icon

Refugee Icon

Scavenger  Icon

Scavenger Icon

Shelter  Icon

Shelter Icon

Shoes  Icon

Shoes Icon

Skin Disease  Icon

Skin Disease Icon

Sleeping Bag  Icon

Sleeping Bag Icon

Starvation  Icon

Starvation Icon

Support  Icon

Support Icon

Sweater  Icon

Sweater Icon

Tent  Icon

Tent Icon

Trash  Icon

Trash Icon

Unemployed  Icon

Unemployed Icon

Water Scarcity  Icon

Water Scarcity Icon

Woman  Icon

Woman Icon

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