Miscellaneous Icon Pack

26 Icons

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Glyph Style
Abuse Scold Rebuke Icon

Abuse Icon

Nearly Beverage Bottle Icon

Alcohol Bottle Icon

Bar Tavern Pub Icon

Bar Icon

Cancer Disease Sickness Icon

Cancer Patient Icon

Cancer Viruses Disease Icon

Cancer Virus Icon

Faith Pray Worship Icon

Church Icon

Day Daytime Sunlight Icon

Day Icon

Donation Keepsake Giving Icon

Donation Icon

Duster Dust Housekeeper Icon

Duster Icon

Eat Consume Swallow Icon

Eat Icon

Waste Worthless Garbage Icon

Garbage Truck Icon

Gay Homosexual Lesbian Icon

Gay Icon

Illness Ailment Sick Icon

Illness Icon

Free Journey Trip Tour Icon

Journey Icon

Knife Lancet Cutter Icon

Knife Icon

Hardly Labour Effort Icon

Labour Icon

Free Largely Monitor Full Screen Icon

Large Screen Icon

Largely Large Scale Icon

Largely Icon

Free Makeup Greasepaint Beauty Icon

Makeup Icon

Occupy Take Acquire Icon

Occupy Home Icon

Palm Flat Of The Hand Hand Icon

Palm Icon

Rarely Perhaps Probably Icon

Rarely Icon

Sanction Penalty Punishment Icon

Sanction Icon

Target Destination Ambition Icon

Target Icon

Unique Peerless Masterly Icon

Unique Icon

Venture Endeavor Trade Icon

Venture Icon

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