Fairytale Icon Pack

25 Icons

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Glyph Style
Amphibian  Icon

Amphibian Icon

Archery  Icon

Archery Icon

Besom  Icon

Besom Icon

Boat  Icon

Boat Icon

Body Armor  Icon

Body Armor Icon

Castel  Icon

Castel Icon

Conspiracy  Icon

Conspiracy Icon

Cyclops Giant  Icon

Cyclops Giant Icon

Disney Princess  Icon

Disney Princess Icon

Dragon  Icon

Dragon Icon

Fight  Icon

Fight Icon

Game Key  Icon

Game Key Icon

Ghost  Icon

Ghost Icon

Helmet  Icon

Helmet Icon

Jinn Lamp  Icon

Jinn Lamp Icon

King  Icon

King Icon

Magic Ball  Icon

Magic Ball Icon

Magic Mirror  Icon

Magic Mirror Icon

Magic Wand  Icon

Magic Wand Icon

Mashroom  Icon

Mashroom Icon

Pumpkin  Icon

Pumpkin Icon

Rainbow  Icon

Rainbow Icon

Unicorn  Icon

Unicorn Icon

Witch  Icon

Witch Icon

Wizard Hat  Icon

Wizard Hat Icon

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