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50 Icons

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Add basket  Icon

Add Basket Icon

Add card  Icon

Add Card Icon

Add location  Icon

Add Location Icon

Add to cart  Icon

Add To Cart Icon

Basket  Icon

Basket Icon

Basket minus  Icon

Basket Minus Icon

Bill  Icon

Bill Icon

Brand new  Icon

Brand New Icon

Card  Icon

Card Icon

Cart  Icon

Cart Icon

Chat  Icon

Chat Icon

Coin  Icon

Coin Icon

Coupon  Icon

Coupon Icon

Delete card  Icon

Delete Card Icon

Delete location  Icon

Delete Location Icon

Delivery bike  Icon

Delivery Bike Icon

Delivery truck  Icon

Delivery Truck Icon

Digital wallet  Icon

Digital Wallet Icon

Discount  Icon

Discount Icon

Dress  Icon

Dress Icon

E commerce web  Icon

E Commerce Web Icon

Email  Icon

Email Icon

Favourite  Icon

Favourite Icon

Flash sale  Icon

Flash Sale Icon

Food and beverage  Icon

Food And Beverage Icon

Free delivery  Icon

Free Delivery Icon

Furniture  Icon

Furniture Icon

Gift box  Icon

Gift Box Icon

Guarantee  Icon

Guarantee Icon

Halal  Icon

Halal Icon

Hanger  Icon

Hanger Icon

Help  Icon

Help Icon

Like  Icon

Like Icon

Location  Icon

Location Icon

Money bag  Icon

Money Bag Icon

Official store  Icon

Official Store Icon

Online store  Icon

Online Store Icon

Package  Icon

Package Icon

Payment  Icon

Payment Icon

Premium  Icon

Premium Icon

Price tag  Icon

Price Tag Icon

Rating  Icon

Rating Icon

Remove to cart  Icon

Remove To Cart Icon

Shirt  Icon

Shirt Icon

Shopping bag  Icon

Shopping Bag Icon

Smartphone  Icon

Smartphone Icon

Television  Icon

Television Icon

User  Icon

User Icon

Wallet  Icon

Wallet Icon

Wholesaler  Icon

Wholesaler Icon

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